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Fly solo in Star Wars: X-Wing with official single-player rules

Obi One Kenobi.

Go toe-to-toe with an imaginary opponent in a dogfight amongst the stars with a new solo game mode for the Star Wars: X-Wing Miniatures Game.

Typically a two-player game, X-Wing sees players face off against one another as Rebel, Empire or Scum and Villainy fighter pilots in a spaceship battle.

Unlike other Star Wars games involving miniatures - such as the larger-scale Star Wars: Armada and ground-based Star Wars: Legion - X-Wing focuses on the dogfighting between smaller handfuls of ships such as Imperial TIE Fighters and Rebel X-Wings.

The miniatures game sees players secretly deciding the direction and speed of their ship each turn using a manoeuvre dial. Players then simultaneously reveal the flight path of their ship and engage in combat if they can line up a shot. Whoever shoots their opponent’s ships down first emerges victorious.

The new single-player game mode for Star Wars: X-Wing replaces the lone player’s opponent with an automated flight system that will determine where an enemy ship flies to and which targets it selects. Instead of simultaneously revealing both players’ flight paths, the solo rules has the human player use their manoeuvre dial before checking to see what the enemy ship will do.

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Using the solo rules, the ship controlled by the game will respond in a different way depending on what happens during the ‘determine approach’ stage. This is a stage unique to the single-player mode, and takes place after the player has completed their planning phase. The different possible responses can be seen on the various approach charts featured in the solo rules book, with the chosen enemy target and dice roll deciding how the ship will move.

Aside from rules determining movement, the flight system includes a system that determines how the enemy ship attacks and modifies dice to prevent or remove damage done by the player. The player wins the solo game should they survive long enough to destroy the enemy ship.

The release of X-Wing’s solo rules follows the game’s publisher Fantasy Flight Games suspending the game’s tournament planned to take place at this year’s delayed Origins Game Fair, alongside competitions for Legend of the Five Rings.

X-Wing’s solo rules are available to download for free now.

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