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Solo Starfinder RPG adventure Scoundrels in the Spike beams onto Alexa

The stars have aligned.

Starfinder RPG artwork
Image credit: Paizo

Paizo - the folks behind fantasy tabletop RPG Pathfinder - has announced that its sci-fi themed RPG Starfinder is landing on Alexa.

Built on the mechanics of the Pathfinder RPG, 2017 game Starfinder takes a more futuristic approach. It retains plenty of the trappings of fantasy - like elves and dwarves - but also adds in space combat, cosmic goblins and starmetal dragons.

The new Alexa game comprises one-player adventure Starfinder: Scoundrels in the Spike - adapted for voice from a one-shot included in the Starfinder Beginner Box.

It’s scripted by James L.Sutter - the former creative director of Starfinder - and also includes a full crew of voice actors. Sound effects and music also feature.

Mechanically, you can follow different story paths based on your in-game decisions, and play them out by chatting to Alexa. She'll teach you the game as you play, effectively seriving as a robot Game Master.

Story-wise, you’ll be heading out to the lower levels of the vast Absalom Station, where strange and destructive things are happening.

You’ll also be drawing your player character from the Beginner Box. Options to pick include Quig the mechanic, Aesif the android operative and Navasi the envoy. In addition, Raia the technomancer can serve as your sidekick.

The upcoming pilot episode of Scoundrels in the Spike is free as an Alexa Skill, but future paid episodes are allegedly in the pipeline.

Last month, popular board game Ticket to Ride also joined up with Alexa. In this instance, she operates as a game guide - teaching new players, and substituting missing players.

Previous titles that fit within the audio RPG mold include this year’s Void Warper by Riverhorse.

Starfinder: Scoundrels in the Spike is coming out for Alexa Skill on December 16th.

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