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Unmatched, the skirmish game featuring Medusa and King Arthur, is getting a digital version

Skirmishes on your screen.

Unmatched, a series of board games that pit pop-culture icons against one another in a fight to the death, is getting a digital version.

The digital board game will be based on the original tabletop series that sees players taking control of famous figures from both fiction and history, with the aim of securing victory over their opponents. The email announcement for Unmatched: Digital mentions the likes of King Arthur, Medusa, Alice - from the classic children’s book - and Sinbad the Sailor, whilst not mentioning any of the characters found in any of the series’ expansions, alongside artwork from Unmatched: Battle of legends - Volume One.

Unmatched: Digital Edition will include online multiplayer - thereby enabling players to challenge their friends to a game, regardless of location - alongside three separate difficulty levels of artificial intelligence in a solo game mode. Players will be able to experience the game in both synchronous and asynchronous modes, meaning that games can happen within a set time limit or can be paused and returned to as and when the players want to, and will be playable on iOS, Android, Windows, Mac systems - as well as the Nintendo Switch.

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The studio behind Unmatched: Digital Edition is Acram Digital, the developer and publisher responsible for video game versions of tabletop titles such as legacy board game Charterstone, Eight-Minute Empire and Concordia.

Unmatched is a skirmish game series that has players battling against one another as famous figures throughout fiction and history. Each character has their own special ability, ally/allies and deck of cards that they can use to fend-off their opponents’ attacks and return fire with. Players will be able to move their character around the board, getting into close-range with their enemies or move away to get a long-range shot in. Whoever is the last character left alive on the board is named the winner of the game.

The original Unmatched: Battle of Legends - Volume One was co-created by Rob Daviau and Justin D Jacobson, who have previously worked together on board games such as the racing title Downforce. The Unmatched series is co-published by Mondo Games and Restoration Games, the studio responsible for launching remakes of classic tabletop titles such as Fireball Island and Dark Tower.

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The announcement of Unmatched: Digital follows the reveal of the complete line-up for the upcoming Unmatched: Battle of Legends - Volume Two. Alongside the previously announced Princess Yennenga, Volume Two will feature Achilles, Sun Wukong and Bloody Mary. Unmatched: Battle of Legends - Volume Two is set to be released sometime this year.

Unmatched: Digital Edition is scheduled to be released in December, with a retail price yet to be confirmed.

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