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Disney Villainous plans Gen Con tournament and introductory board game ahead of Oogie Boogie expansion

You're joking, you're joking. I can't believe my eyes!

Box art for Disney Villainous: Introduction to Evil edition
Image credit: Ravensburger

Oogie Boogie will creep into Disney Villainous’ lineup when the popular board game releases a single-character expansion timed for this year’s halloween season. Before that, Villainous will hold a competitive tournament at Gen Con Indy and publish an introductory version meant for new players.

Disney Villainous: Filled With Fright will dress players in the insect-filled burlap sack that constitutes Oogie Boogie and pit them against Jack Skellington in an attempt to dethrone the pumpkin king. Millennials of a certain age will recall the cultural ubiquity of Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas, and the Hot Topic mainstay’s translation into one of the more popular board game franchises around will likely hit big with that generational cohort.

Filled With Fright will be the first single-character expansion for the massively successful Disney Villainous line, which usually contains at least two different options per box. The press release from publisher Ravensburger didn’t explain whether Oogie Boogie’s complexity - or the price - will justify the solo focus. Appropriately, Filled With Fright is planned to hit retail in time for Halloween

Disney Villainous is fairly easy on the wallet, as are the other titles in this list of budget board games under $25.Watch on YouTube

Before spooky season arrives, Disney Villainous: Introduction to Evil will aim to onboard new players into the franchise. The Target-exclusive title is scheduled for a June 20th release and contains Maleficent, Captain Hook, Ursula and Prince John as a sort of playstyle sampler. While it doesn’t seem as though Introduction to Evil will contain anything new inside the box, the outside will be embellished with Ursula-centric art, premium packaging and a Disney100 sticker to entice collectors of everything produced by the House of Mouse.

Competition-minded villains can test their mettle against other baddies at the first official Disney Villainous tournament in the US, which is scheduled to take place during Gen Con Indy 2023. Matches will stretch across all three days of the annual tabletop convention, August 4th through 6th, with the grand finals taking place early on that Sunday.

Ravensburger will select participants via a digital raffle, which will stop accepting entries on June 14th at 11:59 p.m. Pacific. Obviously, you need to be attending GenCon Indy 2023 to participate. Looking for more experiences in the Villainous vein? Dicebreaker ranked the best Disney-centric board games based on the media giant’s intellectual portfolio.

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