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Warhammer: Age of Sigmar – Soulbound RPG available for less than £1

Raise hell in the Mortal Realms and raise money for charity.

Get started with Warhammer: Age of Sigmar – Soulbound for under £1 with a new Humble Bundle.

The fantasy roleplaying game based on the popular skirmish miniatures series is currently part of a Humble Bundle raising money for Children’s Health Ireland, a non-for-profit organisation that seeks to support young people in need of additional pediatric care across the country of Ireland.

For less than £1, players can unlock the Starter Set for Soulbound, which enables players to quickly begin their adventures across the Mortal Realms and get a taste of the tabletop RPG. The Starter Set provides players with an overview of the game’s rules, an adventure set in Brightspear and a collection of character sheets, alongside pre-made characters. Also included in this first tier of the Humble Bundle are several supplements for Soulbound such as Streets of Brightspear, a supplement that offers game masters and players greater insight into Brightspear, and several introductory adventures called Crash and Burn, Trouble Brewing and Fateful Night.

Paying £7.65 ($5.82) will give players and GMs access to the full core rulebook for Soulbound, thereby giving them all the information they need to start planning and experiencing full campaigns. The Soulbound core rulebook provides insight into the world of the Mortal Realms, its inhabitants and the kind of stories groups to tell there. Using the core rulebook players can fully create their own original characters, choose from a variety of skills and equipment, with GMs able to design one-shots and campaigns of their own. With the other items included in the Humble Bundle tier, like the Champions of Order and Through Fire and Smoke, players will unlock even more options to create characters with and GMs will have more tools to shape their worlds with.

The full £13.78 ($10.50) unlocks all 24 items featured in the Soulbound Humble Bundle – including those already mentioned – such as a Bestiary book for GMs to use in their campaigns, opening up more options for challenging their players and populating their environments. Also included are Steam and Steel, a book that adds new equipment and vehicles, and several additional Soulbound adventures like all six chapters in the epic Shadow of Mist campaign, which sees player characters attempting to save the city of Anvilgard from the sinister forces of Nurgle.

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Warhammer: Age of Sigmar – Soulbound is a dark fantasy roleplaying game that takes place in the same universe of the Age of Sigmar skirmish game series. In the RPG, players become members of the Soulbound Order, an organisation of warriors who are connected via their very souls, thereby ensuring that nobody in the order can die as long as one of them is still alive. As this team of warriors, the player characters are tasked with interfering in the gods’ various plans, preventing the destruction of the Mortal Realms and its various peoples.

The Soulbound Humble Bundle is live until April 13th, with players free to donate whatever they want as long as it’s over £0.76 ($0.56).

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