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Warhammer Age of Sigmar's third edition rules go online ahead of boxed set Dominion's release

The PDF contains a stripped-down core rulebook for players new and veteran.

Those eager to learn more about the new third edition core rules for Warhammer Age of Sigmar can snag a PDF copy for free from Games Workshop’s website, now. The publisher announced the availability on June 14th ahead of preorders for its new Dominion boxed set this Saturday.

Securing a digital version of the 44-page “essentials” is as easy as clicking a link on Games Workshop’s Warhammer Community website, though it does require signing up for their (very frequent) newsletter. I say essentials because the document does not include everything player’s will be able to find in the 360-page tome that ships with Dominion, but it is plenty to understand and appreciate the big changes.

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The miniature wargame company, which handles both Age of Sigmar and its Space-Marine-festooned 40,000 sibling, announced the third edition of its fantasy title on May 10th, promising both a major overhaul to rules and a big advance to the in-universe story. This public core rulebook eschews explaining the vast and often convoluted lore of the universe and instead focuses on providing a fairly well-designed explanation of everything a player needs to understand what’s happening on the table.

It’s obviously meant to be an introductory document, beginning with a code of conduct before introducing big mechanical concepts such as warscrolls, armies and physical tools. Key terms are highlighted and explained with footnotes aligned to one side of the page - a welcome addition that lets fresh commanders parse all that wargame vernacular without constantly tabbing over to a search engine. Included in these rules are heroic moves, monstrous rampages and some of the other changes Games Workshop has been featuring on their community site over the past week.

Warhammer Age of Sigmar: Dominion, which comes with the full third edition rules in hardcover, will open its pre-orders on June 19th ahead of a retail release of July 3rd.

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