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Over 16,000 D&D supplements on sale on DriveThruRPG, including classic Spelljammer

From the Planescape Campaign Setting to the 1E Player’s Handbook.

The artwork for the cover of the Spelljammer: Adventures in Space for D&D 2E depicts the different playable species in the setting
Image credit: Wizards of the Coast

The May D&D Sale on DriveThruRPG features over 16,000 different supplements for Dungeons & Dragons.

Taking place over the course of this month, the May D&D Sale on the online tabletop RPG store DriveThruRPG contains a large quantity of supplements for D&D, from First Edition all the way to 5E.

Featured within the sale, which contains both digital PDF and physical versions ofsupplements, is the original sourcebook for the Spelljammer setting. (With the PDF and softcover book available for $27 (£21).) Entitled Spelljammer: Adventures in Space, the book was initially released for the fantasy TRPG Dungeons & Dragons 2E, introducing the Wildspace setting to dungeon masters and players. The book features rules for piloting spaceships, travelling between planets and creating unusual characters from Spelljammer’s collection of playable species. Along the way, players will encounter merchants, pirates, explorers and even Beholder tyrants, as they explore the rainbow ocean of Wildspace.

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It was announced in the recent D&D Direct stream that the Spelljammer setting would be making a return to the series via a collection of three books in an Adventures in Space pack for 5E. The upcoming pack will contain a sourcebook called The Astral Adventurer’s Guide, alongside a bestiary – Boo's Astral Menagarie – and an adventure book named Light of Xaryxis, all of which will be released on August 16th.

Also included in the DriveThruRPG May D&D sale is the Campaign Setting book for the Planescape 2E setting, whose softcover and PDF combo is currently discounted to $32 (£25), which introduced the iconic afterlife worlds to the series – that were also the basis for the cult classic PC video game Planescape: Torment.

The Player’s Handbook, Dungeon Master’s Guide and Monster Manual for the original first edition of Dungeons & Dragons is also currently available at a discount, with players able to get the hardcover standard book of all three for $21.50 (£17) each. With the 1E collection in hand, players and DMs will be able to experience the original version of the tabletop RPG themselves.

The artwork for Minsc and Boo's Journey into Villainy D&D 5E
Image credit: Wizards of the Coast

Other highlights in the May D&D Sale on DriveThruRPG include the Player’s Handbook Revised for 2E – whose PDF version is currently available for $6 (£5) - Minsc and Boo’s Journal of Villainy for 5E, with the PDF and hardcover combo reduced to $45 (£36), and the Player’s Handbook for 3.5. (The PDF is currently available to players and DMs for $6 (£5).)

The May D&D Sale on DriveThruRPG is live until May 30th.

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