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Best Amazon Prime Day Magic: The Gathering deals 2023

Keep a scry out.

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Amazon Prime Day is here, and there are plenty of Magic The Gathering Prime Day deals already. Below we've rounded up all the best MTG Prime Day deals we've seen so far, but we will also be updating this page through the event as we find more deals.

Outside of the MTG multiverse, we're also seeing some great Prime Day board games deals, DnD Prime Day deals and fellow TCG Pokémon Prime Day deals included in this year’s sale.

UK Prime Day MTG deals

Commander Legends: Battle for Baldur’s Gate Bundle - was £54 now £43

The Brothers’ War Retro-Frame Commander Deck - was £40 now £30

Magic The Gathering Game Night: Free for All - was £42 now £29

Magic The Gathering Kamigawa: Neon Dynasty Commander Deck - was £40 now £29

Magic The Gathering Streets of New Capenna Commander Deck – Obscura Operation - was £40 now £33

US Prime Day MTG deals

Magic The Gathering 2022 Starter Kit- was $15 now $11

Magic: The Gathering Adventures in the Forgotten Realms Collector Booster Box - was $145 now $102

Magic The Gathering Innistrad: Midnight Hunt Collector Booster - was $22 now $10

Unfinity Collector Booster Box - was $166 now $133

Cosmic Gaming Collections Deluxe MTG Gift Set - was $50 now $36

What Magic: The Gathering deals should I look out for?

If previous Prime Day deals give a good indication, this year’s best Prime Day MTG deals will span booster packs for recent expansions, prebuilt decks - including Commander decks and starter sets - and accessories.

Alongside the actual cards you need to play - whether you’re looking to draft from boosters or jump straight in with a readymade deck - there’s a good chance we’ll also see accessories such as sleeves, deck boxes and card binders go on sale during Prime Day 2023.

Do I need a Prime account to access these MTG deals?

Yes, you need to have an Amazon Prime account to take part in Prime Day. However, you can get a free 30-day Prime trial on Amazon US and Amazon UK, letting you sign up for the event, grab any deals you want and then cancel it afterwards.

Want more deals? Check out our round-up of the best Prime Day gaming deals over at our sister site, Eurogamer. Or stay up to date with the latest savings with our dedicated deals Twitter account, Jelly Deals.

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