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Snag Tabletop Simulator and all of its DLC games for half price on PC this weekend

Discount also applies to 4-pack bundle

Tabletop Simulator continues to be one of the best ways for groups to enjoy board games online, an activity that just got a lot cheaper thanks to a 50% sale on the game and all of its DLC titles through Steam’s PC marketplace.

The digital board game platform allows players to belly up to a 3D-rendered table and fill it with a wealth of interactive components, from meeples and miniatures to tokens, dice and cards of all stripes.

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The pieces are fully interactive and moddable - allowing savvy users to develop their own pieces and import them to Tabletop Simulator - thus providing a neat way to simulate a wealth of board games, card games and even RPGs like Dungeons & Dragons 5E. The toolbox has been expanded in recent years, giving players more tools to create maps, terrain and rules to support a specifically desired experience.

These mods can be downloaded and applied through Steam’s workshop feature, and many board game publishers have begun mocking up DLC versions of their board games that allow players to test how a title handles before investing in a physical box. This has been a particularly popular practice in the last year, as game groups quarantined or else socially distanced from each other and local hobby shops.

Wingspan and Scythe are among the most popular DLC games - both currently enjoy spots on our best board games list - but a peek inside the Steam Workshop shows community-created mods for the ever-popular fantasy legacy board game Gloomhaven, the sprawling sci-fi title Twilight Imperium and the asymmetric strategy game about woodland factions, Root.

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Tabletop Simulator is currently on sale through Steam for £7.49, half of its regular sticker cost of £14.99. Those looking to rope some friends into rolling digital bones can purchase a four-pack bundle of game licences for half of, as well - down from £44.99 to £22.49. All 44 of its official DLC titles also enjoy the slashed price.

The Tabletop Simulator Steam sale will end on March 29th.

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