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Author of The Stormlight Archive reaches out for ideas on another tabletop adaptation

Herald-ing the next potential release.

Brandon Sanderson, the author behind The Stormlight Archive series of fantasy novels, has confirmed that they’re working on another tabletop adaptation.

In a weekly update video on the author’s YouTube channel, Sanderson revealed that there would likely be a new tabletop game based on The Stormlight Archive franchise on the way. Sanderson took the opportunity to reach out to viewers to complete a poll deciding what type of tabletop game they’d want to see The Stormlight Archive adapted into.

The options on the poll include a beginner board game - in the vein of Splendor or Ticket to Ride - a ‘medium’ level title like Small World or Dune: Imperium, a heavier weight game such as the Lord of the Rings miniatures title, War of the Ring, or a legacy board game in the style of Gloomhaven.

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Sanderson made sure to stress that the examples used to describe each type of potential game were “only examples,” and not direct inspirations or indications of the kind of tabletop game that players could expect. Another option on the poll is for a tabletop roleplaying game based on The Stormlight Archive, which would be a first for the book series. This will not be the only chance for fans to influence a potential future tabletop adaptation of The Stormlight Archive, as Sanderson confirmed that there will likely be more polls coming soon. “I can imagine us doing multiple of these in the future,” Sanderson stated.

The announcement that another Stormlight Archive tabletop game could be on the way follows the launch of last year’s Rhythm of War, the latest entry in the book series. The Stormlight Archive is a collection of books set in the fictional world of Roshar, wherein a war wages between humans and a species of people called the Parshendi. A fantasy franchise that began with the release of The Way of Kings in 2010, The Stormlight Archive has since received four mainline entries - with several spin-off titles - and has a total of six more books planned for the future.

Last year, the first tabletop adaptation of the fantasy universe, Call to Adventure: The Stormlight Archive, was released as part of a series of storytelling board games. In the game, players craft their own character using a selection of cards - containing different attributes such as their origin and motivation - who must then embark on a series of adventures in the world of Roshar.

Call to Adventure: The Stormlight Archive board game layout

Before the launch of Call to Adventure: The Stormlight Archive, a board game adaptation of another of Sanderson’s series of novels called Mistborn: House War was released. Based on the Mistborn franchise of fantasy novels, which all focus around the concept of consuming metals to produce different powers, Mistborn: House War sees three to five players becoming leaders of the various key families that help to run the city of Luthadel. During the board game, players will need to manage the multitude of issues plaguing Luthadel in order to rise to the top of the pecking order.

There is currently no confirmation as to when the next tabletop adaptation of The Stormlight Archive will be released, nor what it might be called.

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