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Wanderhome and Visigoths & Mall Goths featured in bundle for abortion funds

Raise money to support essential reproductive healthcare.

A collection of tabletop roleplaying games is featured in a bundle that’s designed to fundraise abortion funds for people in the US.

The Indie Bundle for Abortion Funds contains over 750 items – including a mixture of digital and physical games – worth more than $3000 that players can get for just $10 (£8). The bundle is intended to raise money to help support the non-for-profit organisation the National Network for Abortion Fund, with 100% of the proceeds collected through the indie bundle going to the Collective Power Fund.

The Collective Power Fund is set to send funds across over 20 states in the US, particularly in the south and midwest of the country where it has become hardest to get access to abortions. Money donated to the fund will go to offering support to those people most impacted by the recent overturn of Roe v Wade, which ensured that getting essential reproductive healthcare such as abortions was a constitutional right in the US.

Though several states in the US have maintained peoples’ right to get an abortion, it is set to be illegal in many states across the country. The Indie Bundle for Abortion Funds is one way for people to help support those based in the US who will no longer have access to essential reproductive healthcare.

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One of the tabletop roleplaying games included in the Indie Bundle for Abortion Funds is Wanderhome, the relaxing and rules-light TRPG created and released by Possum Creek Games. Set in a fictional fantasy world in which anthromorphic animals live in peaceful societies, Wanderhome is a GM-less tabletop RPG – meaning that no-one takes up the traditional role of game master. Instead, players collaboratively tell the story together by controlling both their own character and a roster of other characters that they share with the group. Unlike many other TRPGs, Wanderhome is not about leveling up a character and engaging in fights. Rather, players are encouraged to tell stories with low-stakes and emotional depth.

Another tabletop RPG featured in the bundle is Visigoths & Mall Goths, a queer TRPG inspired by the likes of ‘80s and ‘90s teen films like The Craft, Empire Records, Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure and Clueless. Taking place in a video game-esque open world, Visigoths & Mall Goths has the disparate worlds of Ancient Rome and 1990s mall culture colliding. Players can expect to encounter a lot of humour and bisexual tension in the tabletop RPG, which can be played in a one-shot or longer campaign.

Artwork for the TRPG Glitter Hearts.
Image credit: Leatherman Games

Other tabletop roleplaying games featured in the bundle include the fantasy TRPG inspired by magical girl anime Glitter Hearts, a Soulslike dungeon-crawling tabletop RPG called Runecarin: Wardernsaga and a one-shot adventure called Escape from Dino Island.

The Indie Bundle for Abortion Funds is live until July 14th, with players free to pay whatever they like – as long as it’s at least $10 (£8).

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