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Explore absurd fantasy tabletop RPG Troika! at half price during Melsonian Spring Sale

Starter and adventure bundles offer cheap and easy roads into this weird, Pratchett-esque world.

You’ve probably heard of Troika! and its seriously silly take on fantasy tabletop roleplay as one of the best rules-light RPGs out there for groups comfortable with absurd prompts, loose rules structure and a loving translation of ‘80s British humour. Now, the publisher is selling rulebooks and adventures at discounts up to half-off during the Melsonian Spring Sale.

Melsonion Art Council, the studio responsible for Trokia! and its associated supplements, claimed it needs to clear warehouse space for upcoming releases. Their solution is a title-wide markdown on nearly all Troika!-related releases in the publisher’s online shop. The only exception is the hard-boiled detective style adventure, The Big Squirm.

The core rulebook proper is currently moving for £13.20, a 40% haircut that gives a playgroup access to everything they need to start playing Troika! Slim, streamlined and boasting excellent layout, it’s a valued part of my own physical RPG collection and definitely worth considering for fans of books that are as enjoyable to read as they are to use during play.

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If you’re reading this piece and haven’t encountered Troika! before, there’s a handful of book collections tailored specifically for newcomers. For £21, the Intro Bundle contains the core rulebook and Fronds of Benevolence, an adventure composed of branching locations and extant encounters that can be spun together into a full-length campaign through the duchy of Plandra. It’s a solid way to acclimate players to Troika’s somewhat non-traditional tabletop RPG structure and particular sense of humour.

The Starter Bundle is a better fit for the play group ready to fall headfirst into Troika! and see how deep the rabbit hole goes. At £53.50, it packages the core rulebook with four other pre-written adventures that each take a decidedly unique approach to the RPG’s loosely defined shared universe. Frond of Benevolence is joined by Very Pretty Paleozoic Pals: Permian Nations, a reimagining of dinosaur culture before humans arrived to mess things up, along with the travel-bounded whodunnit told in Slow Sleigh to Plankton Downs.

The apocalyptic Acid Death Fantasy, written by Luke Gearing, is still one of the most popular supplements for the Troika! system and is also included in this bundle. If you already own the core rulebook but are itching for prewritten session material, the Adventure Bundle will net you all of the titles listed above for £42.50.

All supplements and adventures are available separately and have been marked down by 30% to 50% of their normal price. Melsonian Arts Council has not provided an end date for their Spring Sale, only stating that it will continue until enough space has been cleared to house three planned future titles. More information about the sale can be found on Troika’s official website.

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