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Fall into the weird world of Terry Pratchett-esque RPG Troika! for under $15

Including core rulebook, compendium and adventures.

Troika!, a science-fantasy roleplaying game inspired by the Fighting Fantasy series, is currently on sale as part of a Bundle of Holding.

Buyers can get everything they need to run and/or play a game of Troika! in the Bundle of Holding Starter Collection, which is available for $14.95 (£11). Usually priced at $59.50, the Starter Collection for the fantasy RPG contains PDF versions of Troika! Numinous Edition, which features a system for character creation, an overview of the game’s setting and lists of potential spells and enemies players can encounter.

The Starter Collection also comes with PDF versions of the Axes & Orcs Compendium - containing additional character backgrounds - and an adventure for the RPG called So You’ve Been Thrown Down a Well, which sees players looking for redemption in an underground world populated by worm-cultists and weird mushrooms.

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For $26.05 (£19), buyers can get all of the above as well as an additional Bonus Collection that includes six extra books for Troika! collectively worth $56. Featured in the Bonus Collection is a PDF version of a campaign book called Acid Death Fantasy - set in a desert containing “beautiful plastic men, azure apes, steel gods and acid death” - and two adventure books called Fronds of Benevolence and House of Red Doors, alongside a setting book entitled Terror of the Stratosfiend.

Troika is a rules-light RPG where players can become characters such as a wizard, a warrior and a macrame owl who travel on a golden barge through a galaxy. Taking inspiration from British roleplaying books of the 1990s and the writing of authors such as Terry Pratchett, Troika! enables its players the freedom to make characters using 36 different possible backgrounds, as well as encounter a variety of odd lands and strange scenarios.

During their adventures, player characters may have to use some of the 70 or more spells featured in the roleplaying game, finding the opportunity in an initiative system where player turns are never in the same order.

Troika Fronds of Benevolence artwork

Troika! was created by Daniel Sell, who also founded the Melsonian Arts Council - the publisher behind Troika! and last year’s Dissident Whispers RPG collection, which was sold to support the National Bail Fund Network as part of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Troika! Bundle of Holding is live until February 2nd, with 10% of payments being donated to the Direct Relief charity - which seeks to provide protective gear and care medications to health workers and regional response agencies around the world.

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