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Call of Cthulhu RPG humble bundle unleashes a world of charity-supporting eldritch horrors for $5

Starter set and beginner scenarios accompany a Chaosium-approved colouring book.

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Fill your briefcase with dossiers, occult tomes and at least one loaded Derringer before diving into the latest Humble Bundle for the Call of Cthulhu tabletop RPG. You can grab the starter set, a collection of beginner-friendly scenarios and even a colouring book for $5 with profits supporting the World Wildlife Fund.

Hosted by publisher Chaosium, Inc. the Call of Cthulhu Book Bundle is currently one of the best ways to collect digital versions of a bunch of material for the RPG that’s bigger than Dungeons & Dragons in Japan. Travel back to the swinging 1920s and investigate weird wonders, haunting mysteries and horrific revelations as cosmic entities beyond mortal ken slip between the cracks of reality.

The basic bundle, which costs a mere $5, nets you the starter set, the Doors to Darkness scenario booklet, the Peterson Guide to Lovecraftian Horrors (always better to know which name to scream in abject terror) and the official Call of Cthulhu Colouring Book - yes, that last one is extremely real.

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Roll a bit higher on your Credit Rating skill and purchase 10 items to gain access to The Keeper Rulebook and Keeper Guide, handy resources for aspiring Call of Cthulhu facilitators. There’s also another collection of scenarios, the solo journey Alone Against the Dark and the Grand Grimoire of Cthulhu Mythos Magic, which amasses over 550 spells from across the RPG’s considerable publishing history all the way through the current 7th Edition rules.

At $25, serious investigators nab two more Alone Against scenarios and the special Does Love Forgive? adventure, which is designed for a Keeper and one investigator, only. Larger groups can enjoy a double handful of lengthy scenarios, such as the first volume for Mansions of Madness, Dead Light and Other Dark Turns and the epic Reign of Terror. Those wanting to genre-bend their RPG sessions should check out Cthulhu Dark Ages and Pulp Cthulhu, which recasts the survival-horror RPG as a grimdark fantasy and “two-fisted” action adventure game, respectively.

The Call of Cthulhu Book Bundle runs through January 27th, and a buyer-controlled split of the proceeds will benefit the World Wildlife Fund, one of the largest independent conservation organisations in the world - you probably know them as the charity with the panda logo. Their work involves habitat regrowth, protecting endangered species and - increasingly - promoting renewable resources and a reduction in pollution in the face of global climate change.

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