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Watch the Dungeonbreaker crew attempt a dinosaur heist in episode two of our Dungeons & Dragons 5E actual play series

Dinos, dangers and disguises.

Dungeonbreaker is Dicebreaker’s all new Dungeons & Dragons 5E actual play series featuring the talents of Wheels, Lolies, Matt, Sara, Meehan and - of course - Johnny as they embark on a rip-roaring adventure through the world of Eberron.

In episode one our (somewhat) brave adventures met for the very first time, with some characters getting along better than others, and took on a job from the owner of the prestigious arena. Eberron is a land of machines and bizarre creatures - including real dinosaurs - with the Dungeonbreaker party having to awkwardly navigate the various factions present throughout the world.

After setting out to find the arena’s prize dinosaur - Sisqo - Erik the noble, Fizz the Kenku, Mist the Tabaxi and Morbos the Tiefling found themselves in a swamp outside the city, wherein they stumbled upon Tim the goblin cowering from the very creature they were looking for.

However, it seems things weren’t going to be so easy, as the party were quickly ambushed by a group of ex-military led by a stern animal rights activist called Mila. After a tense exchange, the party eventually agreed to help Mila and her companions to rescue the remaining dinosaurs from the arena - with the promise of much stolen wealth in it for them.

This episode sees the Dungeonbreakers attempting to pull-off the dinosaur heist of the century, with many possible dangers for them to overcome. Will the party infiltrate the arena undetected? How can they get that many dinosaurs out? Will Fizz ever stop smelling meat?

Answers to these questions and more can be found by watching part two of Dungeonbreaker.

As we continue to air the first season of Dungeonbreaker, you can expect to find weekly episodes both here on our website and our YouTube channel - so keep an eye out for updates to the story every Saturday.

Let us know what other tabletop roleplaying games you'd like to see us play in the future, as we will be filming other campaigns and one-shots in-between seasons of our Dungeons & Dragons 5E actual play series.

If you’d like to start playing D&D 5E yourself, then we have plenty of guides to help you get going - such as how to start a Dungeons & Dragons roleplaying group and what to buy.

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Alex Meehan

Senior Staff Writer

Alex’s journey to Dicebreaker began with writing insightful video game coverage for outlets such as Kotaku, Waypoint and PC Gamer. Her unique approach to analysing pop culture and knack for witty storytelling finally secured her a forever home producing news, features and reviews with the Dicebreaker team. She’s also obsessed with playing Vampire: The Masquerade, and won’t stop talking about it.

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