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Doctor Strange answers the summons of the Marvel Champions LCG this May

Just like magic.

Magic comes to Marvel Champions: The Card Game as Doctor Strange becomes the next Avenger to join the comic book card game.

A co-op living card game, Marvel Champions sees players choosing between a selection of iconic superheroes - such as Captain Marvel and Spider-Man - with the aim of thwarting the nefarious schemes of a villain and their henchpeople. Using their unique decks, players must work together to fight enemies, stop plots and defeat their nemesis before it’s too late.

Doctor Strange is a sorcerer whose knowledge of the multiple dimensions and mastery over magic makes him a formidable protector. His pre-built hero pack is a unique ‘invocation’ deck designed to defend against enemy attacks, with five invocation cards on top of his standard player deck. The top card of this deck is kept face-up and can be used as part of Doctor Strange’s Spell Mastery ability, before being discarded and replaced by the next.

One of these cards is the Crimson Bands of Cyttorak, which allows the player to deal seven damage to the current villain and prevent them from performing any actions until their next attack. These cards can be powered up using the Master of the Mystic Arts ability, which enables players to increase the effects of a spell card.

Doctor Strange Hero Pack cards

As with Marvel Champions’ other superheroes, Doctor Strange can be flipped to show his alter-ego, Stephen Strange, if the player ever needs to heal or wants to use the character’s alter-ego ability. In this case, Stephen Strange can discard the top card of Doctor Strange’s invocation deck to help the player find a more useful spell.

The Doctor Strange hero pack comes with a variety of allies including Iron Fist and The Night Nurse - who both have abilities that can assist Doctor Strange and his fellow superheroes.

Baron Mordo, a rival sorcerer with devious intentions, is Doctor Strange’s designated nemesis and has the ability to give his enemies a random negative effect depending upon whichever resource is listed on the player’s top card. Strange’s obligation - a negative effect specific to each hero - forces the player to exhaust the character or risk increasing the cost of the next event by three.

Doctor Strange follows the Captain America, Thor and Black Widow expansions that have been announced - and already released, in the case of the first two - by publisher Fantasy Flight Games, the Marvel Champions publisher also behind horror board game Eldritch Horror and collectible card game Legend of the Five Rings: The Card Game. The Marvel Champions core set was released last year.

The Doctor Strange Hero Pack will be released this May and will be priced at $14.95 (£12).

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