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Watch Dicebreaker fail at Total Wipeout in real life!

Wheels and Maddie go head to head in Total Wipeout

Now you probably understand that, as tabletop gaming enthusiasts, some of us on the team spend a lot of time inside. We prefer to cosy up with a cup of tea and board game over the weekend or sit down with friends for an RPG during week nights. However, in every indoor person’s life, a call comes that you simply can’t refuse. And for Wheels, Liv and Maddie this was REAL LIFE TOTAL WIPEOUT!

Yeah! That wild obstacle course from day time television has come to the general public with Wipeout Lakeside, situated at the Lakeside Shopping Centre in Essex. Wheels and Maddie were able to get a sneak preview of the whole thing which ended as you might imagine and Liv caught the entire escape on camera.

Every classic event from classic TV Wipeout made an appearance. Trampo Sweeper saw Wheels and Maddie jumping over a massive red stick while jumping for dear life. The Sucker Punch knocked one of them out of a winning spot, and they even tackled the iconic Big Red Balls.

Who won? Who nearly broke many bones? Who broke a Wipeout record for the day? Find out in the latest video which you can watch right here! It’s twenty minutes of pure pain, purge glory, and pure entertainment. Well, for those that can’t still feel the back pain of being swept out by the Trampo Sweeper.

If you want to see Dicebreaker out and about more you can check out more of the Dicebreakout series where the team tackles escape rooms across the country and try to beat their best scores. If you love all the wonderful tabletop content here on website you can find even more over on the Dicebreak YouTube channel! From miniature war game let’s plays to RPG tips to board game reviews and tons more.

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