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Arkham Horror LCG delivers another new parallel investigator and print-and-play scenario

One bloody night, order up!

Peek across dimensions at Agnes Baker’s alternate life as a trained sorcerer and stop an evil peer from wreaking havoc in a new print-and-play addition to Arkham Horror: The Card Game.

Steeped in the cosmic horror Cthulhu mythology, Arkham Horror: TCG is a living card game that tasks players to collaborate on investigating the mysteries that tend to grow like weeds in the city of Arkham, as well as confronting and rooting out the evils too often behind them. The investigators included in the core game and its many expansions all have particular abilities and statistics that give them strengths and weaknesses the team must consider if they want to end the day victorious - and alive.

The newest addition to that roster is an alternate version of the waitress Agnes Baker, who first appeared in the Innsmouth Horror expansion in 2009. Her parallel life sees Baker fully embracing her sorceress powers, giving players access to a new ability that reflects her masterful control of magic - she doesn’t lash out instinctually so much as skillfully manipulate and preserve in-game spell events.

The set also includes alternate versions of Baker’s signature cards: Heirloom of Hyperborea and Dark Memory, which the release claims may help you overcome the Bad Blood scenario also included in the print-and-play expansion. This scenario can be played on its own or woven into an Arkham Horror LCG campaign, as long as Agnes Baker is part of the team.


Bad Blood introduces another sorcerer to Arkham whose intentions run a little more bloody than Baker’s noble intentions. In order to track Elspeth Baudin down and stop her plans, the investigators will need to delve in the recesses of Baker’s past for clues and the potential for even more magical prowess.

The rules and cards needed to play the Bad Blood scenario or augment an Agnes Baker deck can be downloaded from publisher Fantasy Flight’s website. A copy of the Core Set, The Forgotten Age deluxe expansion and Threads of Fate Mythos Pack are also needed to play.

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