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Free Arkham Horror LCG pack features a sinister casino and an alternative version of Skids O’ Toole

Don’t deal with the devil.

The Clover Club is awaiting its next patron and Skids O’ Toole has everything to lose in All or Nothing, a scenario for Arkham Horror: The Card Game that’s available to download for free.

This Skids O’ Toole is unlike the character players know from the living card game - instead, he appears to be somewhat similar to the original Skids, but stranger and more desperate. As a parallel investigator - alternative versions of character cards previously released for Arkham Horror: TCG - this Skids O’ Toole provides players with a character that’s even more driven by a desire to put everything on the line for a chance at success.

Skids has been part of Arkham Horror: TCG since the core game was released, having made his first appearance in the wider Arkham Horror Files universe with the Innsmouth Horror expansion for Arkham Horror. As an ex-convict with a lot of useful contacts, he gives players the ability to exchange resources for additional actions.

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The parallel version of Skids enables players to indulge the character’s gambling side even more by spending resources to pass a skill test - which will grant that player twice the number of resources spent if successful. If unsuccessful, the resources already spent are lost entirely and the player gains nothing in return.

Skids’ alternative version also allows the player to put a card of level two or lower from their discard pile back into their hand as part of an elder sign effect, thereby giving them greater deckbuilding options on the fly.

Alongside the differences to his character card, the parallel investigator version of Skids has alternative versions of key cards that can be found in the character’s original deck: On the Lam and Hospital Debts. On the Lam is now a card that enables Skids to avoid attacks from non-elite enemies and disengage from them in order to move to another location. Whereas the new version of Hospital Debts threatens a greater punishment if players fail to set aside enough resources on the card before the end of the game, with the chance to lose out on experience.

Arkham Horror The Card Game Skids O Toole parallel investigator cards

As well as this parallel investigator version of Skids O’ Toole, publisher Fantasy Flight has released a free scenario designed to be played with him called All or Nothing. Set in the infamous Clover Club - known for stacking the deck against gamblers - the scenario challenges players to enter to location and leave with more than they had coming in. Success means greater rewards, whilst failure could mean the end of Skids and his fellow investigators.

The All or Nothing scenario requires players to own the Arkham Horror: TCG core set and The Dunwich Legacy deluxe expansion in order to play.

Arkham Horror: The Card Game is part of the Arkham Horror Files universe and sees players working together as investigators attempting to solve various mysteries inspired by the writings of HP Lovecraft. As a co-operative experience, Arkham Horror: TCG challenges players to plan their strategies as a team and support one another in order to survive the various monsters, cultists and other terrors that threaten the return of the Old Ones.

Players can download the parallel investigator version of Skids O’ Toole and the All or Nothing scenario for free from the Fantasy Flight Games website now.

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