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Sail into The Innsmouth Conspiracy with the latest Arkham Horror LCG expansion

Too coast for comfort.

Explore one of the most iconic locations in horror history in The Innsmouth Conspiracy, the next upcoming board game expansion for Arkham Horror: The Card Game.

A living card game based on the stories of HP Lovecraft, Arkham Horror: TCG has players become investigators following the suspicious clues that inevitably lead to some terrible discovery and cosmic horror.

Each investigator has a class and certain unique abilities based upon their identity in the world, which they must use to survive the dreadful terrors that await them in their adventures. By teaming up with other investigators dedicated to revealing the truths about the Old Ones, players can work together to battle cultists and other monsters along the way.

By exploring various locations during each campaign, players can unlock new pathways towards their ultimate goal, as well as further developing their skills and abilities. However, players will have to be careful, as danger lurks everywhere and it’s easier to get overwhelmed then they might first think. Eventually the investigative party will reach a climactic finale where they will face whoever (or whatever) has been pulling the strings and put a stop to their plans - at least for now.

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The Innsmouth Conspiracy is a horror board game expansion that sees players travelling to the infamous Lovecraftian coastal town of Innsmouth, a place where all the locals act terribly strangely and appear to have something to hide. Before they know it, players find themselves hunted by hybrids of Dagon and cultists seeking to awaken the deep ones lurking below the seas. In order to escape, players may need to look for keys in certain locations - such as a fish graveyard - before the tunnels they’re exploring become completely flooded.

The Innsmouth Conspiracy adds five new investigators to the Arkham Horror LCG, including The Nun, Sister Mary, who has the ability to add bless tokens to the chaos token bag. Whenever a player draws a bless token, they will be able to add +2 to their skill test. However, should Sister Mary suffer a Crisis of Faith, then the chaos bag can instead be filled with curse tokens that force investigators to -2 from their skill test result.

Alongside the two new scenarios and five additional investigators, The Innsmouth Conspiracy also includes additional cards for all classes in Arkham Horror: The Card Game, with some being designed to test how far players are willing to push their investigators for the promise of power.

Sister Mary The Innsmouth Conspiracy Arkham Horror: The Card Game

The Innsmouth Conspiracy will be published by Fantasy Flight Games, the company responsible for living card game Marvel Champions: The Card Game, Star Wars board games such as Star Wars: Rebellion, and the Arkham Horror Files series of horror board games that includes Arkham Horror: TCG as well as titles such as Mansions of Madness.

Fantasy Flight recently released four downloadable packs for the latest expansion for Keyforge - the unique deck game - for free in response to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis. The free Mass Mutation decks contain several of the new mechanics found in the upcoming expansion - which has since been delayed to July 2020 - including gigantic creatures that require two cards each to play.

The release date for the Arkham Horror LCG Innsmouth Conspiracy expansion is currently set for the fourth quarter of 2020. It will cost $29.95 (£20).

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