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Dark Souls RPG miniatures for bosses, enemies and characters coming later this year

No word on whether they will match board game models.

The Dark Souls RPG will be followed by an official line of miniatures for use with the upcoming roleplaying game, publisher Steamforged has announced.

The line of models will include familiar enemies and bosses from the video game series, along with “recognisable player characters”, according to Steamforged. No specifics were given on which bosses, enemies or characters would be included, or whether other NPCs such as the sun-praising Solaire of Astora would make an appearance.

Steamforged previously released Dark Souls: The Board Game, which included a number of hard plastic models based on the series’ bosses - such as Ornstein and Smough (pictured), Artorias of the Abyss, and the Gaping Dragon - regular foes and Dark Souls’ starting player classes across both its core set and a number of expansions. The studio did not confirm whether the miniatures announced for Dark Souls: The RPG will be the same as those previously released for the board game.

The Dark Souls RPG miniatures will be released in box sets sometime in 2022, with exact release dates to be announced. Dark Souls: The Roleplaying Game will release next month for $49.95 (£44.99), with a limited-edition $99.95 (£94.95) Collector’s Edition also recently announced for the upcoming RPG.

Dark Souls: The RPG will be built on the Dungeons & Dragons 5E system, albeit with some changes to the game’s magic, combat and death mechanics to reflect the original video games. If you’re looking for something to play in the meantime - or just aren’t a D&D 5E fan - we recently picked out some of the best Dark Souls-inspired RPGs.

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