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Dark Souls RPG teases new book The Tome of Strange Beings

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Dark Souls RPG rulebook
Image credit: Steamforged Games

It looks like the Dark Souls tabletop RPG will be getting a bestiary as its first supplement, if a newly teased book is anything to go by.

The Tome of Strange Beings was teased for Dark Souls: The RPG by publisher Steamforged Games, which hid the book’s reveal behind a secret URL code scattered across its website.

The announcement page simply displays the artwork for the upcoming RPG release, appearing to show Dark Souls 3 boss Dancer of the Boreal Valley on its front cover, along with a “coming soon” message. And… that’s about it.

Image: Steamforged Games

Dark Souls: The Roleplaying Game was released early last year, adapting the series of video games to a standalone tabletop RPG built on the Dungeons & Dragons 5E system. The revised system introduced a new Position mechanic designed to simulate the importance of stamina in the video games, along with significant changes to magic and a new respawning mechanic that resets players to a bonfire without their collected souls - which serve as experience points - when half the party is defeated.

The core rulebook has since been followed by a series of miniatures - many of which appeared in Steamforged’s Dark Souls: The Board Game - that feature stat blocks compatible with both the Dark Souls RPG and D&D 5E, allowing additional enemies, NPCs and bosses to be used in the game.

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However, The Tome of Strange Beings will be the first major supplement released for the core rulebook, which suffered a rocky launch here in the UK last spring - prompting a “sincere apology” from Steamforged - before being reprinted and reissued to players with a number of corrections ahead of its US release later in 2022.

A release date and further details on The Tome of Strange Beings are yet to be announced. Dicebreaker has reached out to Steamforged for additional information and will update this article as we hear more.

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