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Descent: Legends of the Dark expansion Ghosts of Greyhaven will be a ‘side story’ to its main campaign

Act II of dungeon-crawler said to be “well on its way”.

The first expansion for Descent: Legends of the Dark has been revealed as Ghosts of Greyhaven, a set described as a “side story” to the recent dungeon-crawler’s main campaign.

Legends of the Dark was released last month as a reboot-of-sorts of the Descent series of dungeon-crawler board games, including Journeys in the Dark, and its wider fantasy setting of Terrinoth, which has appeared in other games such as Runewars and Runebound. New to Legends of the Dark is a mandatory companion app that tracks the players’ progression and decisions - which can impact the story and world - as well as 3D terrain used to build environments across multiple levels.

The $175 box’s approximately 50-hour campaign - entitled Blood and Flame - is billed as Act I of a longer story set to be continued in future sequels; designers Kara Centell-Dunk and Brandon Perdue previously told Dicebreaker that Legends of the Dark is considered as “the first ‘book’ in a series”.

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During Fantasy Flight Games’ In-Flight Report stream broadcast as part of Gen Con Online 2021, studio head Chris Gerber confirmed Legends of the Dark as “the first game to take place in the newly-rebranded Terrinoth Legends universe”, hinting at other upcoming releases that will expand the world and lore.

“Long-time fans of Terrinoth and Descent will find many things that are familiar about this latest take on FFG’s classic fantasy setting, but also a lot of differences as we move forward,” Gerber added.

Among the next releases in the series will be the first expansion for Descent: Legends of the Dark, Ghosts of Greyhaven. Gerber announced the expansion by displaying a prototype miniature of a “tricky” new enemy type from the upcoming set that appeared to be wielding magic.

Ghosts of Greyhaven will serve as a “side story” to Legends of the Dark’s Blood and Flame campaign, Gerber said, introducing content that would slot into the core set as well as all future expansions. The story will be possible to play as a standalone adventure, or as part of an ongoing playthrough of Legends of the Dark.

Gerber also briefly confirmed that Act II of Legends of the Dark is “well on its way”, with a Fantasy Flight blog post adding that the planned sequel “is still a ways off, but development is going smoothly”. Gerber teased the set with a notably tall miniature hidden under a cloth, which was held next to a bandit model from Act I as comparison.

“Just to show you how much we’re upping the ante on this one,” Gerber said while holding the figures side by side. “Obviously, I’m not ready to show off this right now, but just seeing how big it is should give you a pretty good sense of scale and an idea of what we’re going for in Act II, and what it’s going to bring to the table.”

Ghosts of Greyhaven and Act II are both yet to have a release date or price confirmed, in line with Fantasy Flight’s acknowledgement at the start of the In-Flight Report that ongoing global shipping issues meant it could not currently provide release dates.

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