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5 best Into the Inklands action cards in Disney Lorcana

Time to take action

Disney Lorcana featured image for Into the Inklands action list - 99 Puppies.
Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

Disney Lorcana has a new set - called Into the Inklands - which brings a collection of 204 cards into players' hands. Some of these new cards are action cards, which players can use to trigger instantaneous effects that can benefit them and/or negatively affect their opponent/s. With new action cards come new opportunities for players to build strategies around these, with every action card offering a different approach.

Every ink type in Lorcana besides emerald gets new action cards in Into the Inklands, with players who are looking to create decks having some fresh options to play with in this set. From gaining players extra lore to exerting opposing characters, Into the Inklands is bringing in some exciting opportunities with its action cards.

Best Into the Inklands action cards

If you're a fan of 101 Dalmatians, Moana, Peter Pan and Treasure Planet, then you'll also get a fresh-batch of collectible cards in these Into the Inklands cards. Here are the five best action cards from the newest Disney Lorcana set: Into the Inklands.

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The very best cards in Disney Lorcana: Into the Inklands, as outlined by Wheels.

1. 99 Puppies

Disney Lorcana 99 Puppies.
Play 99 Puppies on a turn you're going to have a lot of characters questing on. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

One of the most heartbreaking ways to lose a game of Lorcana is when your opponent summons that last bit of lore they needed out of completely thin air. Well, aggro players are about to absolutely ruin your day with 99 Puppies.

For five ink, although it is uninkable itself, 99 Puppies will make it so that whenever one of your characters quests this turn, you’ll gain one lore. For players that want to go wide this is an incredibly fast way to rocket yourself up the lore tracker, especially if you’ve been utilising all the tools in this set to get yourself a ridiculous amount of two or less cost characters onto the board.

Provided you can survive a board wipe, I can definitely see this winning a game in a single swing and will massively reward the aggressive strategies that Lorcana seems to be incentivising for amber players in its third set, Into the Inklands.

2. Last-Ditch Effort

Disney Lorcana Last-Ditch Effort.
Target a particularly irritating opposing character with this action. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

A nice little set up piece to add to amethyst’s control toolbox, Last-Ditch Effort allows you to exert an opposing character that your opponent is trying to keep safe and readied up on the other side of the board, whilst also buffing the damage of one of your own characters.

This should be a useful bit of functionality to not only deal with those problem pieces you need to get rid of that the other player refuses to quest or challenge with, but also gives you a bit of head room on your character’s strength to deal with the growing problem of the Resist keyword blocking chunks of your damage.

Three ink and uninkable itself means this card might not be appearing too often in decks, but if it turns up at the right time it could just be a life saver.

3. On Your Feet! Now!

Disney Lorcana On Your Feet! Now!
If you need to sweep your opponent's characters into banishment, then this card should help you do it. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

Readying up a character so you can have them take a second game action before your turn ends is a fantastic function for most ruby decks to work with, even if they can’t quest for a second time. It allows characters to both quest and then still challenge or sing on the same turn, giving you extra bang for your buck.

Well what if I told you for a very small price you could use one action to ready up every character you have? On Your Feet! Now! is a four-cost uninkable action that readies every character you own in exchange for each of those characters being dealt a single damage. As with most card games, what seems like a big cost is never as costly as it might seem, especially when paired with amber or sapphire’s ability to convert healing into value, or amethyst’s new ability to move damage from your characters to opponent’s characters.

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A preview of Into the Inklands, the newest set for Disney Lorcana, from Wheels and Maddie.

4. Distract

Disney Lorcana Distract.
Distract will give you two seperate benefits when played. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

In Magic: The Gathering, a cheap spell that draws you a card after its effects have resolved is known as a cantrip. These cards that cycle through your deck and replace themselves to stop you from thinning out your hand when you try to play a tonne of game actions in one turn and are the backbone of what are known as ‘spellslinger’ decks.

We saw our first set of cantrip-like cards released in Rise of the Floodborn as well as some characters that benefit from playing multiple actions in one turn like Pete, Bad Guy and Minnie Mouse, Wide-Eyed Diver. Distract adds to the growing list of actions that can push these strategies forward, especially with the new Airfoil item allowing you to turn all that action slinging into even more card draw!

5. Ba-boom!

Disney Lorcana Ba-Boom!
Play this card if you need to get rid of an opponent's location card. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

There’s nothing that steel does better than firing direct damage right at your opponent’s characters and a new direct damage tool has been added to their arsenal with Ba-boom!, an inkable replacement for Fire The Cannons from Lorcana’s first ever set that costs one extra ink to cast in return.

The biggest problem most direct damage players face right now is that so many of the cards that dish out the damage can’t be inked, and there’s nothing worse than finding yourself with a handful of uninkable cards, slowly falling behind your opponent in the resource game.

This might not seem like a flashy addition to suite of actions available for Lorcana’s third set, Into The Inklands, but with Beast, Relentless becoming more popular after unlocking a brand new infinite combo, this could be the exact tool that helps emerald-steel players fix the curve of their decks.

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