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6 best Into the Inklands item cards in Disney Lorcana

Put these in your pocket.

Featured image for item list for Into the Inklands - Sorcerer's Hat.
Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

Into the Inklands - the latest card set for Disney Lorcana - promises entirely new decks for players to build and test against their opponents. Besides the usual characters, songs, items and the all new locations, players can also expect to find some fresh item cards there too. Item cards are well worth including in your Lorcana decks because they act as permanent bonuses, unlike the instant and impermanent actions and songs. Also, unlike the all new location cards, they cannot be challenged by opposing characters.

Each ink type in Into the Inklands will see the arrival of new item cards which players can use to improve their exisitng strategies and even form new ones with. Whether players are looking to draw more cards, gain lore or acquire a number of other benefits, there are item cards in Into the Inklands that will do just that.

Best Into the Inklands item cards

Disney fans will see shout-outs to the likes of Tailspin, Fantasia, Ducktails and Treasure Planet amongst the item cards released for Into the Inklands. Here are some of the best of those cards in this list of the six greatest item cards found in Disney Lorcana's Into the Inklands set.

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Wheels highlights all the best cards found in the new Disney Lorcana set - Into the Inklands.

1. Wildcat’s Wrench

Disney Lorcana card Wildcat's Wrench.
Heal your locations using this item. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

Into the Inklands isn’t the strongest showing for amber items, and as such, Wildcan’t Wrench isn’t going to be making any headlines. However, with the brand new location card type rearing its shiny head in Disney Lorcana’s third set, it makes sense to pack some items that will help keep them around if you plan to utilise them.

Currently there’s only one card in the entirety of Lorcana’s pool that straight up banishes a location, so almost all decks are going to be trying to remove them with damage. Either from their characters or from songs like And Then Along Came Zeus. For that reason, Wildcat’s Wrench’s ability to heal your locations for two damage per turn should make them even more annoying to get rid of.

2. The Sorcerer’s Hat

Disney Lorcana card Sorcerer's Hat.
If you can correctly guess the next card in your deck, you can draw it using this. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

With set three of Lorcana now available to all, a brand new pay-off for amethyst’s ability to tweak the top card of players' decks is here. Amethyst players have had the ability to manipulate the top card of their deck since The First Chapter - for example, with Yzma, Alchemist the player is able to look at and put the top card of their deck onto the bottom after questing if you’re not a fan of what you’re set to be drawing next.

With the brand new song The Boss Is On A Roll bumping that up to being able to look at and rearrange the top five cards of your deck, you’re about to have a lot of control over what you draw and when, so it makes sense that the brand new The Sorcerer’s Hat will reward you for seeing the future.

The first item to be available as an enchanted rare, The Sorcerers Hat allows you to exchange one ink and exerting the item for the chance to declare the name of any card in Lorcana. Once you do, reveal the top card of your deck, if it’s the same card you declared, you get to put it straight into your hand! Now that’s magic.

3. Airfoil

Disney Lorcana card Airfoil
The Airfoil will allow you to draw a card if you've used two actions this turn. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

One deck archetype I’ve been particularly excited to see the rise of as each new set of Disney’s Lorcana has revealed itself is Magic: The Gathering fans call the “spell slinger” deck. These decks utilise cheap spells - or in Lorcana’s case, actions - that replace themselves with card draw to get value out of cards that incentivise you to be playing multiple cards per turn.

We’ve already got a few characters that want you to be casting multiple actions per turn in Pete, Bad Guy and Minnie Mouse, Wide-Eyed Diver. Now with the brand new Airfoil item you’ll also be able to reward yourself with some free card draw by exerting it on your turn.

There’s a catch though, just like Sleepy’s Flute from the previous set only working if you’ve played a song this turn, the Airfoil only gives you that free card if you’ve played two actions this turn! The perfect excuse to start working some cantrips into your emerald decks.

4. Sumerian Talisman

Disney Lorcana card Sumerian Talisman.
Gain card draw whenever one of your characters is banished when playing Sumerian Talisman. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

Ruby is absolutely excellent at swinging characters in for big damage and gradually taking down an opponent’s entire board with your high strength values. The only problem is, Ruby characters aren’t exactly the most survivable of the bunch especially when loaded up with the Reckless keyword that forces them to challenge every turn if able.

The Sumerian Talisman is a perfect addition to those combative decks that want to challenge as much as possible, as it’ll reward you with instant, no limits card draw whenever you trade one of your characters with one of your opponents. Combine it with a deck full of rush characters and you could be dealing some serious damage on your turns whilst refilling your hand every time.

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Both Wheels and Maddie play a preview of the Into the Inklands Disney Lorcana set.

5. Lucky Dime

Disney Lorcana card Lucky Dime.
Be sure to combine Lucky Dime with some expensive character cards. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

I mean, what else? The first ever legendary item printed in Lorcana and a whopping seven cost to play a card which can’t be inked should probably give you some indication how strong this item can be in the right deck. For two ink and tapping the dime, you’ll add lore equal to the questing value of any one of your characters.

There’s no better fit for this of course than with Tamatoa, So Shiny! from Lorcana’s First Chapter. He adds a lore for every item you own and in an item focused sapphire deck, not only can you grab yourself a silly amount of ink to make that steep cost not too much to worry about, it also means you can get yourself the lore that Tamatoa provides directly on the turn you play him by utilising the Lucky Dime.

This card could seriously speed up the usually quite slow item and ramp decks that we’ve been seeing from sapphire players in set two, to a scary degree!

6. Map Of Treasure Planet

Disney Lorcana card Map of Treasure Planet.
Putting this in your deck will make playing location cards cheaper. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

The brand-new, shiny card type of locations are the big poster child of Lorcana’s third set, Into The Inklands. It makes sense that an item that gives you huge amounts of savings towards playing them would make for a very popular and powerful addition to any deck that plans to utilise them.

The Map Of Treasure Planet is a three-cost inkable item that allows you to exert it in exchange for cheapening the next location card you play by one. Similar to a Lantern for characters. But it also has an extremely useful static ability for any of your characters in play.

Show The Way makes any movement action you take with your characters cost one less ink to do. With so many locations allowing you to move to them for just one ink, this essentially makes those locations free to visit. Or at least cheapens any big costed moves you might be planning to take. Anything that drops a certain cost indefinitely will always work out as a good investment in the long run, and Map Of Treasure Planet is no different.

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