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6 best Into the Inklands location cards in Disney Lorcana

You've got places to be

Disney Lorcana RLS Legacy, Solar Galleon - location list featured image.
Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

Location cards are the big new thing in Into the Inklands, the newest set for trading card game Disney Lorcana. An entirely new card type, locations serve as both a passive source of lore and, sometimes, provide benefits to certain characters when they're place there. By playing locations, players will gain an amount of lore at the start of their turn, simply by having them out on the table - which already makes them very appealing. Add to this the bonuses they grant characters and the benefits characters can get from them - depending on their abilities - and locations are set to shake things up.

Every ink colour in Disney Lorcana is getting a set of location cards, with players who favour all sorts of strategies getting some great options in this set. Whether you're in it for just the lore, or if you're after certain benefits - such as providing protection or draw additional cards - there are locations for almost every kind of approach.

Best Into the Inklands location cards

Those who enjoy the likes of Princess and the Frog, Moana, Beauty and the Beast and Raya and the Last Dragon will find a lot to love within this selection of cards. For people who want to read up on what to expect with the arrival of this new card type, here are the best location cards in Disney Lorcana's Into the Inklands.

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1. Tiana's Palace, Jazz Restaurant

Disney Lorcana Tiana's Palace, Jazz Restaurant.
This is a great location to pair with weaker characters and give them extra protection. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

With amber’s explicitly aggressive strategy in Lorcana’s third set, Into the Inklands, players will be encouraged to play some of their fastest lore generators. Cards from set one like Lilo, Making a Wish are able to rocket players ahead in aid of winning the game as fast as possible, but with absolutely pathetic stat line of one strength and one toughness, they don’t stick around long.

Tiana’s Palace, Jazz Restuarant allows any characters there complete protection from enemy challenges, as though they were hiding behind a Bodyguard character or were given Evasive. It’s a great way of keeping your key components safe from enemy control tactics and its chunky eight willpower will make it difficult to get off the board, providing a decent roadblock for your opponents.

2. The Queen’s Castle, Mirror Room

Disney Lorcana, The Queen's Castle, Mirror Chamber.
Players can draw cards for the number of characters placed here. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

Easily the most eye-catching location from the set, The Queen’s Castle, Mirror Room asks players to spend just one ink to move a character here on their turn. Should both the characters and location survive the opponent’s turn then every single character at the location will allow you draw an additional card.

That is absolutely absurd levels of card draw if not dealt with and could see amethyst players accidentally drawing through their entire deck if not careful. Four ink isn’t the cheapest location you can find, but it can be inked and the value is definitely there. Especially for control players who want to continuously be removing opponent’s threats whilst keeping their hand nice and full of cards.

3. Fang, River City

Disney Lorcana Fang, River City
Any characters put at this location with gain Ward and Evasive. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

If you thought Tiana’s Palace, Jazz Restaurant was good at protecting your characters, wait until you see Fang. For the cost of four ink to play it and two ink to move a character there, Fang, River City will give all present characters both Evasive and Ward. That not only stops any non evasive characters from challenging them but also completely halts your opponent from targeting those characters with any actions or abilities.

Ward is one of the most difficult to deal with keywords that an opposing character can have as it severely limits your options to either mass removal like Be Prepared and Grab Your Swords or forcing you to swing in with one of your characters. And as it’s paired with Evasive, that stops most characters in the game from being able to challenge them, Fang, River City will make Bodyguard characters look severely lacking in comparison.

4. RLS Legacy, Solar Galleon

Disney Lorcana RLS Legacy, Solar Galleon.
Be sure to pair this card with Jim Hawkins, Space Traveler. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

Quite clearly signposted as a card to pair with Ruby character Jim Hawkins, Space Traveler which can put it into play for free, the RLS Legacy, Solar Galleon comes with two abilities attached to it. The first is more of a balancer which essentially reads “the first character to move here costs two extra to move”, hence why Jim is such a great pairing as he can move there for free immediately.

The second takes a leaf out of Fang, River City’s book and gives any characters who are here the Evasive keyword, making them very tricky to challenge, and much better at challenging your opponent’s characters. You won’t get the lovely Ward keyword as well but as the RLS Legacy, Solar Galleon is giving you two lore per turn and essentially comes as a free package deal with Jim Hawkins if you have both cards in hand, it’s definitely a tempting trade off.

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5. Belle’s House, Maurice's Workshop

Disney Lorcana Belle's House, Maurice's Workshop.
Items become cheaper when Belle's House, Maurice's Workshop is in play. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

There’s a reason Belle’s House, Maurice's Workshop was one of the locations lucky enough to receive a enchanted rare variant in Into The Inklands, the first time we’ve seen enchanted rare cards that aren’t characters. This is definitely a potent card to add to the already popular item based decks that have been creeping up the meta since the second half of Rise of the Floodborn’s time in the spotlight.

The everpresent Pawpsicle, that we won’t soon see the end of, now might as well read, “put this into play for free and draw a card” because if you have even a single character located at Belle’s House, Maurice's Workshop then every single item card in your hand just became one ink cheaper to play.

That’s not the first item each turn, that’s every item you play! And with Belle’s House, Maurice's Workshop’s ability to speed up the curve of the usually quite slow sapphire-steel deck of set two, we could see a real increase in the deck’s potency in this new meta.

6. Maui’s Place of Exile, Hidden Island

Disney Lorcana Maui's Place of Exile, Hidden Island.
Characters gain extra Resist when they're put on this location. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

An item card from set two that seemed to largely fly under the radar outside of the most competitive players is Mouse Armor. An item that can be exerted to give any of your character Resist plus one. It’s no secret how powerful and game shifting even one or two stacks of Resist on the right character can be, and with Maui’s Place of Exile, Hidden Island you can start sharing the love.

Rather than having to pick a single character like you would with Mouse Armor, Maui’s Place of Exile, Hidden Island grants Resist plus one to every single character there. It’s a little more expensive to invest into but with enough characters turning up there, the benefits should easily outweigh the costs. Especially with the new push toward supporting Bodyguard characters in set three, a keyword that massively benefits from making your characters as tanky as physically possible.

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