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6 best Into the Inklands song cards in Disney Lorcana

Something worth singing about.

Disney lorcana Song card featured image.
Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

With the release of a new set for Disney Lorcana - called Into the Inklands - players now have access to an entirely new collection of song cards. In Lorcana, song cards are similar to action cards except that they have the unique quality of players being able to play them for free, if they exert a character who meets or exceeds the ink cost of the song card. There are also characters with the Singer keyword who can sing songs that cost an amount of ink more than the cost to play them.

There are new songs for every Lorcana ink colour featured in Into the Inklands, so you'll be able to find something that works for you regardless of your favoured ink type. These new songs range from providing some much needed protection against certain types of cards to enabling card draw to removing enemy items to dealing damage to gaining additional lore.

Best Into the Inklands song cards

You'll also see references to some beloved Disney songs across this collection cards which are sure to spark some excellent memories of belting out tunes from The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, Tangled and The Jungle Book, but to name a few. Get your characters singing your victory by putting some of the best song cards from the new Into the Inklands Disney Lorcana set into your next decks.

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Wheels lists some of the best cards in Disney Lorcana's newest set - Into the Inklands.

1. The Bare Necessities

Lorcana card The Bare Necessities.
Save yourself from Be Prepared and Grab Your Swords with this song. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

What could easily be described as the best song in the set, let alone the best song in the amber ink type, is a card that finally gives us a reliable answer to some of the most maligned cards in all of Lorcana’s current meta.

For two ink The Bare Necessities allows you to peek at an opponent's entire hand, which even by itself is a fantastic ability that’s currently only available to sapphire players through Nothing To Hide. The added bonus for The Bare Necessities, and the reason we’ll likely be seeing an entire playset of these in every amber deck, is that it also allows you to pick any non-character card from your opponent’s freshly revealed hand and force them to discard it.

Say goodbye to Be Prepared, Grab Your Swords, A Whole New World, Dragon Fire, Fishbone Quill or any amount of the incredibly powerful and game changing non-character cards that can win a game all on their own. In a setting that is currently dominated by control decks using sweeping board wipe effects to slow the game, this should provide a real burst of energy to the meta.

2. The Boss Is On A Roll

Disney Lorcana The Boss is on a Roll.
Singing this song can help you set up for your next few turns. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

The big bad of the story, Ursula features on amethyst’s top song of the set with a brand new way for amethyst players to rummage through their deck in search for key combo pieces or answers to their opponents threats.

From the classic villain song Poor Unfortunate Souls, The Boss Is On A Roll allows a player to sing or spend three ink to look at the top five cards of their deck and place them back on the top or bottom of their deck in any order they choose. If you’re guaranteed to draw cards on your turn then you’ll be able to have a huge amount of control over what you’re picking up or just set up your next few turns with the cards you need, when you need them.

If you combo this with emerald’s brand new, double singing Ursula you could have seen a third of your deck by turn four, placing you in complete control of what cards you need and when you need them.

3. Has Set My Heaaaaaaart.....

Disney Lorcana Has Set My Heaaaaaaart.....
Enemy items won't be a problem with this song card in hand. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

Banishing items didn’t seem like such an enormous deal back in the hazy days of The First Chapter, when the worst item you could see was a Magic Mirror or a Shield of Virtue. Ah, what sweet summer children we were. Cut to set two and you’ll struggle to find a steel deck list that isn’t running a couple of Benja characters that can banish an item on play because items are all of a sudden one of the most dangerous card types you can come up against.

Fishbone Quills and Sleepy’s Flutes are usually a lovely target to get rid of with some targeted item removal but with a brand new suite of deadly items to come up against like the Lucky Dime, the Sumerian Talisman or the Vault Door and it’s time to take item banishment even more seriously.

Lucky we are then that emerald are the next colour to receive some item hate in Lorcana set three, with this song providing a nice and cheap way to deal with something tricky before it becomes a problem without disrupting the curve of your deck.

4. I’ve Got A Dream

Disney Lorcana card I've Got a Dream.
Ready your characters and gain some more lore by playing this song. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

There’s just one song to show off for Ruby and it’s not one that will necessarily explode onto the scene but if you fancy building around those exciting new location cards then this could be an important inclusion for your deck.

I’ve Got a Dream allows you to ready up one of your characters provided they’re at a location. You’ll also instantly gain lore equal to that location's lore value when you do, so it works as a nice way of getting value out of your locations before they inevitably become a big target, whilst also getting either a second action out of your character or keeping them safe from an enemy challenge.

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Maddie and Wheels play a preview of Into the Inklands.

5. Friend Like Me

Disney Lorcana Friend Like Me.
Friend Like Me with charge up your opponent's inkwell as well as your own. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

What is probably the biggest game accelerator we’ve seen so far, Friend Like Me puts the top three cards of both yours and your opponent’s deck into your respective inkwells face down and exerted. Having it be universal makes sure this card is nice and balanced but with one key component added to the mix you’ll be sure to grab more value out of your ramp than your opponent.

Combined with Gramma Tala, Spirit of the Ocean you’ll not only be getting yourself three more ink to spend next turn but also three lore as well. And remember that this grows with each instance of Gramma Tala, Spirit of the Ocean on your board with a full four characters netting you a ridiculous 12 lore from one cast of Friend Like Me. Five ink for a ramping action ain’t cheap so being able to sing this will definitely make the difference, and with your Gramma Tala, Spirit of the Ocean out via an early Shift you’ll definitely have someone on board who can afford to sing it.

6. And Then Along Came Zeus

Disney Lorcana card And Then Along Came Zeus.
Banish those pesky location cards by playing this particular song. | Image credit: Disney, Ravensburger

Finally, with all these brand new location cards entering play it makes sense to carry some tech that can deal with them and steel’s only song of the set is here to help out. For four ink or exerting a big singer you can dish out a massive five damage to any character or location of your choice.

Locations already have an impressive amount of health to them, which makes sense as they’re always open to challenges. So much so that a standard Smash or Let The Storm Rage On probably isn’t gonna cut if you’re trying to take one down. That’s where Zeus’s mighty bolt comes in and I’m sure this will be a quick include to all those amber-steel flute song decks that have been kicking around and dishing out damage.

Whilst they’re useful for dealing with locations, they’re also a way of taking out those annoying characters with a tonne of resist strapped onto them. Ironically, Zeus’s giant lightning bolt is one of the best ways to banish a Hercules, Divine Hero! Trouble in the family, I guess.

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