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Wheels and Johnny race for retirement in real-time card game House Flippers

Real-time estate.

There are three golden rules to making video about board games for Dicebreaker: leave the audience informed, leave them entertained and, most importantly, present the game in question in a way that’s easy to follow.

It’s no exaggeration to say rule three went straight out the window when it came to covering House Flippers. As is so often the case with a game played in real time, this is a game that defies documentation - if you’re not playing it, it’s extremely difficult to follow the action. Hell, it’s hard to follow even if you are playing and that is exactly why it’s such good fun.

In House Flippers, each player starts off with a sand timer. Each time it’s flipped, that sand timer generates a resource - a grey cube, to be precise. That grey cube can then be traded in for a property card - that property card is, in itself, worth resources and so can be traded in to get a different property which can of course be traded in order to get another, different property card and- oh gosh, is it really time to flip the timer again?

It’s a frantic, glorious mess and, as you’ll see for yourself if you watch the video, it’s nigh-on impossible to play without narrating your own actions like some sort of auctioneer full of amphetamines. Please do watch the video though, I promise we explain things properly before it descends into chaos.

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Johnny Chiodini: Johnny has over a decade of experience working in video for the likes of Eurogamer, GameSpot, ITN and Channel 4. For several years, they have also served as DM for Outside Xbox’s Dungeons & Dragons series Oxventure. Eventually, they were able to wangle a job at Dicebreaker talking about their greatest passion: tabletop games. Johnny is truly at their happiest rolling dice on a slightly-too-small table (preferably with a healthy supply of ale on hand).
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