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The God of Thunder is coming to Marvel Champions: The Card Game next year

So Mjol-nir, yet so far.

Thor, the titular Norse God of Thunder, will be making his shocking debut in Marvel Champions: The Card Game in March 2020.

Arriving as a full deck with event cards, upgrade cards, and a nemesis set included, the Thor Hero Pack will add yet another playable character to the Marvel Champions roster, which already features the likes of Captain Marvel, Spiderman and She-Hulk. This hero pack will also come with a selection of additional basic and aspect cards to give players options on how they’d like to build their Thor decks.

For the uninitiated, Marvel Champions is a living card game wherein players work together as a team of heroes to thwart the nefarious schemes of a classic Marvel villain. Each hero pack contains a variety of cards to help the players defeat their foes, with every pack having a different kind of feel to it.

As a God of Asgard Thor will have plenty of strength to pull from, as well as a wide selection of allies to call on should he ever need the help (such as Valkyrie and Hercules). When stacked up against his fellow heroes Thor comes out as a more aggressive pick, being able to draw two cards whenever he engages with an opponent, and with one of the larger health pools in the game (14 hit points) he’ll have the stamina to withstand a few more battles.

Thor Hero Pack Marvel Champions: The Card Game layout

Like the rest of Marvel Champions’ heroes players can choose to have Thor adopt one of two forms, either his hero-persona (Thor) or his Alter-Ego (Odinson), with both providing unique abilities. Thor’s hero ability is described above whilst his Alter-Ego action enables players to search through their deck for his trusty hammer, Mjolnir, and add it to their hand, granting them a higher attack stat and the Aerial trait (which gives Thor a boost to his defense stat).

However, Thor won’t be entirely invulnerable as he may have to face his inner demons in the form of the Odin’s Anger card, which will trigger one of Marvel Champions’ signature obligation events and cause the player to choose between two unfortunate outcomes. What’s more is that Thor may encounter his unique nemesis and trickster brother Loki, who he will have to defeat to avoid risking yet more villainous schemes coming to fruition.

Come next year Thor will soon be joined by other heroes, with Marvel Champions’ publisher, Fantasy Flight Games, planning to release new Hero Packs in April, May and June of 2020, with a new Story Box coming in July.

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