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Mörk Borg’s official action figure is a skeletal tribute to the Swedish doom-metal RPG

No bones about it. Well, all bones actually.

Mork Borg's official action figure in its packaging with weapons and goat head.
Image credit: Stockholm Kartell/Severed Toys

Action figures and tabletop RPGs seem an odd pairing, but that hasn’t stopped the creators of gnarly artpunk sensation Mörk Borg from announcing an official action figure created in collaboration with Severed Toys. Currently funding on Kickstarter, the skeletal Dread Risen comes with an accompanying zine adventure.

The action figure, Dread Risen, is modelled after the previously unnamed monster gracing the front cover of Mörk Borg’s iconic core rulebook and was sculpted by Argentinian artist Dario Maximiliano. The skeletal figure wearing the severed head of a demonic goat creature stands at seven inches tall and contains 11 different articulation points from its detachable head down to the ankles.

Dread Risen’s toy version will come with plenty of weaponry that can be switched out of its grip: the standard rusty sword and shield are accompanied by a flail and - locked behind stretch goals - a massive zweihänder, profane scroll, seax, pickaxe, polearm and some unfortunate person’s femur. Depending on the campaign’s success, Severed Toys said it will package all the accessories in a separate box.

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That box will also contain a new zine from Mörk Borg creators Johan Nohr and Pelle Nilsson called The Skeletal Creed that was developed specifically for this toy. In it, players will summon their own bespoke Dread Risen minion and customise them across several random tables. Mörk Borg is not a tactical game and in fact skews heavily towards OSR’s rules-light play, but at least this way you can concoct a reason to slap the action figure on the table.

Zine covers and Dread Risen action figures will be available in four different versions - OG, Glow in the Dark, Blood Drenched and Cursed. The material of the zine won’t change and is more of an aesthetic preference. Everything will be packaged in a clear plastic shell reminiscent of high-quality collectibles in comic shops, and the backing will allow for easy access to the zine without fussing with any other bits.

The Kickstarter campaign for Dread Risen’s action figure runs through June 11th and has already surpassed its initial funding goal. Severed Toys, a branch of tabletop accessories maker Severed Books, expects the action figures to begin shipping to backers in October 2025.

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