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Medieval mysteries are afoot in old timey detective board game Mortum!

Historical sleuthing has never been so chaotic

Wheels and Maddie don ye olde police caps on the channel in Mortum: Medieval Detective, a board game about solving crimes in the middle-ages. They opened up the first of three scenarios in a recent live stream and delved into a thrilling adventure of mystery and danger.

The game began with their informant unfortunately going missing, leaving them stuck in a tiny town where everyone seems to be hiding something. Or so Wheels and Maddie thought. Through a series of location cards they could search a variety of places for new clues, but only had two days before time ran out and their culprit escaped, so had to think carefully about each and every move. Luckily, they played as a series of special agents with unique skill sets perfect for uncovering clues and fighting crime head on. Even with this on their side though, Wheels and Maddie still had to use their actual brains to crack the case. So you can imagine how that went.

The journey takes them from cosy taverns with mysterious owners to deep, dark forests with scary secrets. It’s a wonderful mix of select your own adventure style play and serious detective work.

Will Wheels and Maddie raid a seemingly innocent man's house? Will they potentially put a couple's marriage on the rocks? Will they stick to the law? Is there even any law in this time period? Find out in the sleuthing adventure on the YouTube channel now!

You can also catch more actual plays, reviews of great board games, video lists and podcast recordings there, as well as live streams to follow along and maybe give Wheels, Maddie and the rest of the team some advice on how to actually solve crimes in their next game.

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