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Watch us play Paradox Perfect, an RPG that’s light on rules but heavy on hilarity

A paradoxically perfect storm

The Dicebreaker Team was able to work with one of the most talented Game Masters out there at the moment, Jeremy Cobb, to play an extremely chaotic game of the Paradox Perfect RPG.

A new RPG by Taylor Cvetkovich (@taytaysensei on Twitter), Paradox Perfect is a rules-light, comedy-focused, time travelling-centric TTRPG, in which players are encouraged to be as creative as possible.

Jeremy took us through the wacky space adventure expertly and gave us one of the best laughs we’ve ever had playing an RPG on the channel.

Jeremy has run the RPG a few times before this, having run a super successful playthrough on his extremely popular podcast Three Black Halflings with the NADDPOD crew who run their own widely acclaimed podcast. Their adventure was known as ‘Crisis on Infinite Costners’, which should tell you just how wild this game can get.

As our Time Keeper, Jeremy guided us through our chosen Space Opera setting as well as preparing both our world and our characters in our creation session (Part 1).

Using a process that was basically Madlibs, we pieced together the world and ended up with the following lore dump. The words that we contributed have been bolded!

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"The United Ohio Space Force is formed, and we begin to spread our diplomacy and Communism to the stars.

The first space colonies were initially a collaboration with the very shiny Martians, whose power and influence were quickly usurped by humanity.

“Imperialism? Heavens no!” said the Supreme High Chancellor of the United Colonies during one of their many speeches. “The dastardly savage barbarians live under us mostly willingly! Humanity has learned from its past mistakes and fights only for peace and security.” These speeches always ended in a ceremony where the Chancellor brews. As more and more species joined, the space-colonies quickly became a gross (Greta Garbo) Empire.

Tensions rose until the formation of a rag-tag group of rebels; humans and extra-terrestrials alike bonded over their mutual love of Galactic-kicking. Under normal circumstances, they’d have been completely decimated by the Empires massive legion of armed star-Space Buses - but luckily the rebellion began practicing an ancient telekinetic space magic; a force field that binds us, penetrates us, and holds the galaxy together - called Pastafarianism.

The Empire was replaced by the galaxy’s largest Space-Democracy! Thousands of Alien worlds, ranging from the viscous beings of Proxima Centauri C to the perpetually sluging creatures of Betelgeuse-9 have formed the universe’s largest galactic senate, with peace and prosperity finally stabilized. Senators are highly respected and soughtafter positions, granted diplomatic immunity when they wish to download on other worlds. Those who seek inner balance and peace are trained at temples by loving monks in case a Space Empire ever rises again.”

What’s extremely fun about this RPG is that these contributed words then form your characters’ past, present and future.

We ended up making Kickin’ Keith, former Kick Monster, sporting legend turned agent for Paradox Perfect, trying to mend his former ways with a new more loving nature.

Herr Curler (thanks to a misunderstanding of the name Hair Curler), a woman who is not actually German but has taught German sociology so much that she has adopted everything about the culture (accent and all).

She is a practicing Pastafarian who is married to her Space Bus and wants Kickin’ Keith to become an actual Kick-Monster as opposed to just a Kick Monster.

And finally, Brenda Chambers, a 12 year old Snapping Turtle who is torn between the life they know and the life they aspire to, that of the slug. With their mother constantly pestering them to be a better Pastafarian and belittling their love of all things slug, will they ever get to come out of their shell?

Can this ragtag group of Paradox Perfect agents figure out why everyone has turned into one big game of Tetris? What does this have to do with Alan Turring and Benedict Cumberbatch? Will the world they know be forever changed?

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