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SPONSORED: Yu-Gi-Oh! meets Summoner Wars in TCG-inspired two-player board game Re;Act - here’s a first look!

The art of the combo.

This video and article are sponsored by Brother Ming Games and Re;Act - The Arts of War. Find out more on the Brother Ming Games website and back Re;Act on Kickstarter until December 28th.

At PAX Unplugged 2022 in Philadelphia we got a chance to sit down with Brother Ming of Brother Ming Games to talk about its new game, Re;Act - The Arts of War!

Inspired by trading card games like Magic: The Gathering and Yu-Gi-Oh! and grid-based combat games like Summoner Wars and Duelyst, Re;Act sees two combatants mix the one-upmanship of the TCG ‘chain’ with tactical placement and flanking.

In our preview video we chat with Brother Ming about the inspirations behind the game, its art style and the characters you can play and fight as. We also go over how the game plays, what a typical turn looks like and what makes it stand out from all its board game and card game contemporaries.

In the game you’ll see two master artists using their “arts of war” (pun intended) to best each other in single combat. From calligraphers to dancers to graffiti artists, there’s a whole slew of different aesthetics and play styles. One character doesn’t even use a deck of cards!

If you’re a fan of chess-like movement, back-and-forth card play and copious amounts of anime then Re;Act could be for you! Currently live on Kickstarter, expect to see Re;Act hitting your friendly local gaming stores in the near future.

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