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SPONSORED: D&D as therapy? We discover Realms of Kymoria's inclusive, accessible approach to roleplaying


This video and article are sponsored by Geek Therapeutics and Realms of Kymoria. Find out more on the Realms of Kymoria website and follow its upcoming Kickstarter campaign.

Tabletop RPGs are by nature social games. They involve interacting with people, telling stories, and roleplaying together. Sometimes doing those things goes more smoothly than others, so why not make sure your games always feel like inspiring, comfortable places? Realms of Kymoria is a system compatible with Dungeons & Dragons 5E that champions inclusivity, diversity and mental health through new backgrounds, races and specially-designed adventures.

The materials are made to be easy to read and use, especially for those that have struggled with some traditional RPGs in the past - whether as a game master or player. It works as both a way to break the barriers to entry for new players and to open up better spaces for those that already love tabletop games. Maybe this could even be your sign to take your first steps GMing something?

Realms of Kymoria is also a tool mental health professionals can use to help patients process stressors through a fantastical space. Most people who have played various RPGs will know how liberating and healing they can be on their own, so to have those aspects built in makes this game especially interesting. These therapeutic encounters are available to anyone though, so you can bring the power of healing to your home games too.

Whether you’re a therapist looking for unique ways to help people or just a player who dreams of a more wholesome game, check out our Realms of Kymoria preview as Shawn Thomas from Geek Therapeutics takes Liv through what exactly it involves and what it can do for you and your table.

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