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Play the Root tabletop RPG for less than $15 with Bundle of Holding collection

Wander the Woodlands.

The Root tabletop roleplaying game is available for less than $15 (£11.80) via a new Bundle of Holding collection.

Adapted from one of the best board games released in last decade, the Root RPG sees players becoming roaming vagabonds caught up in a conflict between the various factions occupying the wood. Based on the Powered by the Apocalypse gameplay system – which has also been used to create the Avatar tabletop roleplaying game – the Root TRPG has players interacting with soldiers from the invading Marquise de Cat and rebels from the Woodland Alliance, as they clash with one another.

As vagabonds, the players don’t have an allegiance to either side of the conflict: with the opportunity to take advantage of the war through trade or potentially help those affected by it. The Powered by the Apocalypse gameplay system enables players to choose from a selection of character archetypes, or playbooks, with each one having access to a selection of ‘moves’ they can use to overcome challenges, connect with other characters and achieve their goals.

Root: The Roleplaying Game products

The Root Bundle of Holding collection features the core rulebook for Root: The Roleplaying Game, which enables game masters to run their own sessions of the tabletop roleplaying game, as well as allows players to create their own characters and learn how to play the game itself.

Alongside the core rulebook, the Root Bundle of Holding collection contains a supplement for the Game called Travellers & Outsiders. The supplement introduces The Riverfolk Company into the TRPG – a faction who specialises in trade – as well as the strange Lizard Cultists. With the supplement, players will have action to ten additional playbooks, such as pirates and raconteurs, alongside new moves, gameplay mechanics and locations.

On top of this, the Root Bundle of Holding collection includes The Clearing Booklet – which provides additional settings and locations for players to experience in the fantasy RPG – and a quickstart playset for the TRPG, which offers players and GMs a speedy way to get started with the tabletop roleplaying game, without any character creation of campaign organisation.

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Root: The Roleplaying Game was designed by Brendan Conway and Mark Diaz Truman and was published by Magpie Games, the company responsible for releasing the Avatar RPG. The original board game was created by Cole Wehrle and released by Leder Games.

The Root Bundle of Holding collection costs $14.95 (£11.75) and is available until August 1st.

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