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Anti-colonialist co-op game Spirit Island comes to PC

Currently 15% off as part of launch.

Spirit Island has arrived on PC, adding a host of digital features to the acclaimed co-op board game.

Released in 2017, Spirit Island flips the traditional colonialism theme of a number of board games - such as Catan - on its head, with players taking control of natural deities who must drive away invading European settlers and protect the fictional island’s native inhabitants, the Dahan.

Players must combine their spirits’ unique powers to fend off the invaders’ blight and destruction of the land, destroying their settlements, generating fear - portrayed by a dedicated deck of cards - and finally eliminating them from the island.

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Gameplay is driven by powers on each spirit’s deck of cards, combining minor, major and unique abilities that go up against a deck determining the invaders’ own attempts to explore, settle and ravage regions of the modular board.

Set in an alternate 18th-century history, Spirit Island includes the ability to tackle different challenges based on the invading country - Brandenburg-Prussia, England or Sweden - and difficulty tier. The modular board also allows for a variety of different challenges and scenarios - more than 78,000 different configurations are said to be possible.

Spirit Island’s PC app recreates the board game’s gameplay, with up to four players able to choose from eight available spirits. The game features local multiplayer (as well as over the internet using Steam’s Remote Play feature) or can be played in single-player.

Digital additions to R. Eric Reuss’s original board game include an original soundtrack with musical elements unique to each spirit, as well as the option to choose between classic visuals that recreate the tabletop boards from either an isometric or top-down perspective or new 3D textured maps.

Spirit Island is available on PC now via Steam, where it’s 15% off until August 5th as part of a launch promotion. You can currently grab it for just over £16, compared to its usual price of £20.

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