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Star Wars: Unlimited's second set brings bounty hunters and Baby Yoda to the TCG's Outer Rim this July

Wretched hives of scum and villainy.

Star Wars: Unlimited card The Mandalorian from Shadows of the Galaxy expansion
Image credit: Eric Hibbeler/Fantasy Flight Games

Newly released trading card game Star Wars: Unlimited will send players to the Outer Rim in its next TCG expansion, titled Shadows of the Galaxy. Bounty Hunters, Mandalorians and a particular fan favourite baby will show up alongside new mechanics and strategies.

Shadows of the Galaxy is the first of nine already planned sets, and while we previously knew the name for this and the next expansion (Twilight of the Republic lands in November), publisher Fantasy Flight Games has been tight on details until now.

Star Wars: Unlimited’s first official expansion will contain more than 250 new cards and an accompanying two-player starter set, similar to what Spark of Rebellion offered at launch. Meant to be mixed with the base sets cards and strategies, players can look forward to plenty of new deck leaders and three new mechanics. The only named one we know is Bounty, which awards players who either capture or defeat enemy units with a price on their head. I guess “dead or alive” is customary in the uncharted Outer Rim.

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"The team at Fantasy Flight Games has worked tirelessly to craft the Shadows of the Galaxy set," said Daniel Schaefer, lead game designer at Fantasy Flight Games, in a press release. "We knew we had to knock it out of the park with our second set, and we're so excited about how it turned out. It's full of new twists and turns for deck-building. We're eager to see how it changes up everyone’s Star Wars: Unlimited game nights and takes gameplay to the next level."

Early previews showed off two new leaders, and both come from the first season of The Mandalorian television show. Moff Gideon, portrayed by Giancarlo Esposito, and Pedro Pascal’s nearly always helmeted Mandalorian will grace their own preconstructed decks, each with a differing strategy. Gideon prefers a regimented domination through force and numbers, while Mando’s deck deploys positioning, tools and a bit of ingenuity to pick apart a foe’s defences. The press release mentions two cards not shown in the preview materials - the Phase-III Dark Trooper and Gideon’s Light Cruiser.

Images: various artists/Fantasy Flight Games

It would be a crime to tap The Mandalorian’s cast and not also include Grogu on their own card. The eminently marketable cutie is a ground unit that can exhaust itself to exhaust an enemy unit of your choice. This exposes the Force-adept, Yoda-like baby to attacks, which is where The Mandalorian’s unit card comes in. When played he can fully heal and give two shield tokens to any unit that costs 2 or less, and wouldn’t you know it? Grogu fits that bill. Talk about a timely rescue.

Shadow of the Galaxy will open pre-orders through hobby shops and Asmodee’s online store in July. In the meantime, check out Dicebreaker’s handy guide on how to play Star Wars: Unlimited. Established players can scope the TCG’s plans for a competitive scene and read up on the core set’s smash success that eclipsed any other tabletop game in Fantasy Flight’s history.

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