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Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition sourcebooks are getting re-released

Including Chicago by Night.

Several sourcebooks for the tabletop RPG Vampire: The Masquerade 5th Edition are getting re-released as hardcover books.

Renegade Game Studios – the current studio behind Vampire: The Masquerade 5E – is set to re-release a collection of hardcover versions of classic sourcebooks for the most recent edition of the horror tabletop roleplaying game.

This collection includes the Chicago by Night sourcebook that was originally released for Vampire: The Masquerade in 1991, with a version intended for 5th Edition being released by Oynx Path Publishing in 2020. The sourcebook provides players and games masters with an overview of the city of Chicago and the various vampire clans that mingle there. Chicago by Night includes a history of its Kindred, as well as an introduction to the Camarilla clan and Lasombra vampires that call the city their home. Other content includes 50 non-player characters for players to encounter, new adventures and loresheets.

Let the Streets Run Red is another sourcebook that’s set to receive a hardcover re-release this year, which offers four separate stories for players to tackle. Each story takes place in a different domain – such as Chicago, Milwaukee, Indianapolis and Gary – with a unique theme. Trails of Ash and Bone also features four different stories focused on specific concepts and taking place in various locations.

Alternatively, Children of the Blood contains a collection of non-player characters and pre-made characters for players to use in their games of the tabletop RPG. The final sourcebook getting a hardcover re-release is Fall of London, a storyline that takes place in the UK capital city in 2012 that sees players dealing with both the anti-Kindred Second Inquisition and a group attempting to retrieve ancient relics for the Kindred god-ruler of Britain.

Vampire: The Masquerade is a tabletop roleplaying game that was originally published in 1991 that has players becoming members of the Kindred, a group of undead vampires who have been separated into various clans. As a vampire, the players will have different abilities and traits – depending on whichever clan they’re part of – and will have to manage their hunger for human blood in order to maintain the ‘masquerade’ that vampires don’t exist. The roleplaying game has been criticised for its depiction of certain minority groups and mental health, with recent updates to the game – such as the revision of the Islamic Banu Haqim clan – intended to make it a more inclusive RPG.

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Besides publishing Vampire: The Masquerade, Renegade Game Studios is responsible for releasing other RPGs such as Kids on Bikes and Kids on Brooms, as well as board games like Clank! and Fox in the Forest.

The hardcover versions of the upcoming sourcebooks are set to be launched throughout the year, with Chicago by Night being the first one that’s set to launch in Q2 for $55 (£42).

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