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Beat any escape room with these top tips

Unlock your true potential

Escape rooms have well and truly swept the world. It’s difficult to walk through any large town or city without seeing at least one! And for good reason: they’re fantastic fun, great team-building activities and are a perfect way to test your and your friends’ lateral thinking abilities.

Escape rooms can vary wildly from place to place, and no two rooms are the same. But, once you’ve gotten a few under your belt, there are definitely some tried and true methods that will improve your puzzle solving and cut down your final times with ease.

Good thing our resident escape room expert Olivia Kennedy is here to guide you through some of the most important tips you should keep in mind when trying to improve your group’s escapability.

Whether you’re completely new to escape rooms or trying to improve your times and impress your friends with some Houdini-esque breakout skills, there’s sure to be some great info in this video guide for you to take away.

If you’ve not already seen our own attempts, be sure to check out our Dice-breakout series as well, in which we try to beat the record times in some of the UK’s best escape rooms. From nuclear bomb shelters to wild scientific experiments, there’s all sorts of hijinks the Dicebreaker team have gotten up to in our quest to become the ultimate escape artists.

Got a top tip for would-be escapologists or have some recommendations for escape rooms you’d like to see the Dicebreaker team attempt? Let us know in the comments below or on our YouTube Channel! And good luck with your next escape room.

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