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Why you should play Keyforge, the latest card game from the creator of Magic: The Gathering

A kind of Magic.

It’s safe to say that Keyforge has taken the Dicebreaker video team by storm recently. With the arrival of two new factions and over 200 new cards in the latest set, Worlds Collide, we suddenly realised none of us had given Magic: The Gathering creator Richard Garfield’s latest creation a whirl.

After opening a couple of packs for some tentative games over lunch, we were all hooked. The pull of Keyforge, as you may well know, is that each deck is unique; no agonising deckbuilding decisions to make, no booster packs required - you simply open your algorithmically-built (and named!) deck and you’re ready to go. As charming a concept as that is, however, it’s the fact that each deck is divided between three separate houses that really grabbed our attention.

On each turn, you declare which house you’ll be using - you can only play cards from that house during said turn (unless a card effect says otherwise, of course) and you can only use creatures from that house. The ebb and flow of manipulating three separate factions, each with its own traits, abilities and playstyles, is extremely satisfying - even if personally I’d be perfectly happy to play the Saurians every single turn forever. I mean, they’re dinosaurs mashed up with Roman senators, what more do you want?

Anyway, as fond as I am of Keyforge, I don’t think anybody has taken to its aember-grabbing ways quite like video producer Wheels. Make sure to watch his video on why you should play Keyforge - quite frankly if you aren’t at least tempted to play by the end then I owe you a coffee.

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Johnny Chiodini: Johnny has over a decade of experience working in video for the likes of Eurogamer, GameSpot, ITN and Channel 4. For several years, they have also served as DM for Outside Xbox’s Dungeons & Dragons series Oxventure. Eventually, they were able to wangle a job at Dicebreaker talking about their greatest passion: tabletop games. Johnny is truly at their happiest rolling dice on a slightly-too-small table (preferably with a healthy supply of ale on hand).

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