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Remember the Game of Life? Dicebreaker dives back into a classic

Taking out loans on takeaways

The Game of Life board game was first created in 1816 and allows you to play through a person's life - from their first home, to starting a family, to eventual retirement. As they go, players score points on all the things they achieve in their virtual lives. Of course life was different back in the 1800s, so the game has gone through some big changes over the years. However, despite the updates, exactly how accurate is the current version? How much does it replicate the average person’s life from start to finish? What kind of choices can you now make for life in the 21st century?

Wheels and Liv sat down to play the latest digital board game version, The Game of Life 2, to find out if it could accurately represent their experience of life so far. They carefully picked the closest options to their past experience of life and what they want to do with their futures. From going to university to what they spent their money on. There are certainly some questionable choices, but maybe taking out a loan for a tasty Chinese takeaway on a Friday night is accurate to their respective existences. Check out the video now to find out how they fared in The Game of Life!

Does going to university actually score you points further down the line?Can Wheels afford a mansion? Why does the phrase ‘you don’t have to buy a baby!’ come up? The Game of Life certainly offers some interesting choices.

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