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Is the newest Warhammer - Warcry worth picking up? Dicebreaker investigates

A starter set for starting fights

Imagine a forest where trees feast on flesh, glory and riches hide amongst the branches and bones. Welcome to Gnarlwood, the setting for a brand new starter set of Warcry. This is the skirmish version of Warhammer’s Age of Sigmar where players battle it out in small units over close quarters.

In this set you fight as the plague-alchemist Rotmire Creed and followers of the dark god the Horns of Hashut. The starter set comes with minis to create your armies, as well as all the terrain you need to create a festering forest to fight in. Plus there are cards to make each game different by giving exciting victory conditions and implementing random twists to your match. One example was Wheels and Liv getting extra initiative die to play with in each round. It’s a fun way to make sure you get lots of matches out of one box, especially when you play around with setting up the terrain and armies.

Liv’s team have bile for blood and sharpened marsh wood to poke at Wheels fire-bearing team carrying deadly metal weapons. So, who will be victorious in battle? Will nature overcome man-made forces? Find out in their battle report video right here! They play a full game showing off all the fun setup to start with and a bloody conclusion to the battle.

If you want to watch more videos on Warhammer or miniatures games, you can head over to the Dicebreaker YouTube channel. You’ll also find a whole host of brilliant content on all things tabletop gaming, you never know you might just discover a new hobby.

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