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Can you guess which board games these are from weird AI generated art?

DALL-E the board game quiz show

If you spend too much time on the internet you’ve probably seen memes of the AI painting tool DALL-E. You feed it text descriptions and the program spits out various pieces of art based on what you said. If you’re not familiar with the program though, it basically uses images from the internet to gather ideas on what you mean by feeding it something like ‘purple strawberry’ or ‘sleepy cat’ and then forms them into new versions to fit your descriptions. The results vary from amazing, to funny, to incredibly cursed. It’s revolutionary, incredible, and like the rest of the online world we wanted to use it for totally stupid things.

So with a handful of ideas and the Craiyon tool that is a version of DALL-E available for public use, Wheels created a quiz show where Liv and I had to guess what board games AI art was trying to replicate. He would feed Craiyon something like ‘Monopoly’ and provide the nine images it generated to us so we could guess what the game was. Some of the results made sense but others were certainly creative and took some serious decoding. Luckily Wheels had clues on hand for when the guessing got too tough. Liv and I were allowed to know the first letter of the game, its type, or its theme. Even with these though some questions were really tricky.

Watch the quiz show now to see how well they did and what weird art Craiyon produced. You can also play along at home and let us know if you fared any better than the Dicebreaker contestants!

For more great videos on all things tabletop head over to the Dicebreaker YouTube channel. Whether you’re a big board game fan, lover of RPGs, or always got a miniatures game on the go, there’s something for you.

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