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A Monty Python tabletop RPG?! We imagine our dream comedy TRPGs on the Dicebreaker Podcast

And talk about the next game from Wingspan designer.

Another week means another episode of the Dicebreaker Podcast! Matt Jarvis and Wheels are out, meaning that Liv, Maddie and Meehan – the unofficial Powerpuff Girls – are in charge.

After far too much discussion about Twilight, Maddie, Meehan and Liv chat about the tabletop titles they’ve been playing. Maddie’s been running and playing – shocker! - more Dungeons & Dragons, as well as the adorable woodland-themed board game Everdell, having visited one of the best board game cafes in the UK.

Meanwhile, Meehan has recently revisited the popular two-player board game Patchwork, alongside yet more Gloomhaven Digital – which she’s been finding easier with four players on board. Meehan has also been playing the next title from the studio behind Root, Leder Games. Called Ahoy!, the game presents players with a selection of unique factions to play as in a pirate-themed title about acquiring fame on the high seas.

Finally, Liv joins Meehan in talking about just how difficult Gloomhaven Digital is, before showing off her brand-new fancy Steamdeck for Meehan and Maddie to eye enviously.

In terms of news, the three hosts have a brief discussion about the next board game coming from Elizabeth Hargrave, the creator of Wingspan, which looks to be continuing the designer’s fascination with nature by moving from birds to Mother Trees and fungi.

With news discussion over, the trio then chat about the recently announced official Monty Python-themed tabletop roleplaying game, Monty Python's Cocurricular Mediaeval Reenactment Programme. Taking place in a medieval parody setting, similar to that of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, the upcoming RPG will enable players and the game master to pick and choose from various elements of the comedy troupe’s entire filmography and TV careers.

Using this as a jumping-off point, the hosts then imagine tabletop RPGs based on their personal favourite comedy series and take some suggestions from the audience. You’ll have to watch/listen to the episode to find out their picks, but boy! there are sure some interesting ones.

The Dicebreaker Podcast is filmed live every Friday at 2pm on the YouTube channel. If you can’t make it for the livestream, you can find the podcast on Spotify, iTunes, Stitcher and Google Podcasts. Prefer another player? Head over to the podcast's RSS feed.

What would be your dream comedy TRPG? You can tell us at, via Twitter @joindicebreaker, otherwise you can leave a comment below.

Games (and other stuff) discussed

  • Gloomhaven Digital
  • Everdell
  • Patchwork
  • Ahoy!
  • Dungeons & Dragons 5E
  • Wingspan
  • Cocurricular Mediaeval Reenactment Programme
  • Twilight
  • Steamdeck

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