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SPONSORED: Hot Fuzz and X-Files meet D&D, our comedy-mystery actual play series Storybreakers is back for Season 2!

Our party of fantasy journalists are back for a new mystery in the big city.

It’s been a moment since we dropped the shocking conclusion to the first season of Storybreakers, our Dungeons & Dragons 5E actual play series that combines the mystery of X-Files, comedy of Hot Fuzz and fantasy of classic D&D. We’re delighted to say that Storybreakers continues today with the premiere of Season 2!

We’re also excited to announce that the second season of Storybreakers is sponsored by Meeple Design. You can take a look at Meeple Design’s range of tabletop-inspired art, apparel and coffee - including blends designed to be paired with games such as Dungeons & Dragons! - and use STORY10%OFF for 10% off your entire order at and STORYSUB25%OFF for 25% off a coffee subscription order for two months at Thanks for the support, Meeple Design!

The first episode of Season 2 finds our fantasy journalists in the big city, working out what their plans look like after the dramatic twists and turns at the end of their time uncovering the massive mysteries lying under the small town of Ragrump in the first season.

It seems like Iris, Hunter, Cary and Winona might have even given up their ambitions of uncovering the truth - but is that really the case? After all, it quickly appears that the big city is just as full of suspicious characters and threads to follow. Yet our party of reporters seem to be living fairly mundane lives in new jobs, so is there anyone left to uncover the truth?

Find out by watching the first episode of Storybreakers’ second season now - but please make sure you’re caught up on the first season before you jump in, as spoilers lie ahead! You’ll be able to catch future episodes of Season 2 very soon, as our party find themselves sinking ever further into a fresh mystery…

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