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Tabletop Simulator, the popular digital board game sandbox, is half price on PC

Analogue online.

Tabletop Simulator, the PC app that allows users to play board games online with friends in a virtual environment, is currently half price on the Humble Bundle store.

Tabletop Simulator is a digital board game sandbox that provides players with a set of tools that allow them to create and play simulations of board games in a virtual space. Including different features - from 3D models of components to scripted sequences that automate dealing cards and other elements of gameplay - Tabletop Simulator has become a popular method of playing board games online, with thousands of mods available for popular board games.

Multiple players can freely interact with tokens, meeples, cards and other objects in Tabletop Simulator, enabling them to play board games without having to physically be in the same room. The online aspects of Tabletop Simulator have made it a useful tool during the current pandemic lockdown, giving tabletop gamers the opportunity to play games with otherwise geographically-distanced friends.

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As well as Tabletop Simulator mods available via Steam Workshop, there are a number of board games available for the PC app in the form of paid DLC, including acclaimed bird strategy game Wingspan, horror game Zombicide and co-op board game The Captain is Dead.

Free Tabletop Simulator mods include a recent demo of Undaunted: North Africa. The deckbuilding wargame was given high praise in our review by Matt, highlighting its “ultra-polished gameplay”. Other games available to play on Tabletop Simulator include playtest versions of upcoming releases such as Oath: Chronicles or Empire & Exile.

Tabletop Simulator is currently available to purchase for £7.49 - half its usual £14.99 price tag - on the Humble Bundle store. The sale runs until next week.

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