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Does Avatar Legends live up to The Last Airbender? We play the RPG’s quickstart rules to find out!

A 3 part series featuring guest GM Simon Moody.

Avatar: The Last Airbender's world has enraptured kids and adults alike the world over since it first aired on Nickelodeon. Nowadays its support is stronger than ever with multiple series, a new spin-off show in The Legend of Korra, and now a fully fledged tabletop rpg, Avatar: Legends by Magpie Games. Speak of the devil, the Dicebreaker team were incredibly honoured to be joined by guest GM Simon Moody, one of the pro game wranglers at Magpie Games.

In episode one we're introduced to a rag-tag bunch of benders looking to escape the tyranny of the advancing Fire Nation during the age of the 100 year war. A couple of ex Fire Nation soldiers seek the aide of a Water Tribe prodigy and an Earth Kingdom bandit as they step in to occupied territory.

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In episode two, our heroes make an unlikely ally as they try to concoct a plan to deal with the mounting danger of Fire Nation forces in town. Our players may not know the extent of the danger they're in but it's surely not long until they find out...

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In the third and final episode of our Avatar let's play the team put their mettle to the test in what could be the most explosive scene in a game on Dicebreaker yet. With an intense rivalry coming to a head, innocent bystanders in potential danger, and our players in a bit of sticky situation themselves, this is a truly epic finale to one of the finest bits of RPGing on the channel to date.

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