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Blade Runner RPG’s new sourcebook has players joining the replicant rebellion

Alongside a new case file.

Artwork for Blade Runner RPG - Replicant Rebellion.
Image credit: Free League Publishing

A new sourcebook for the Blade Runner tabletop roleplaying game enables players to join the replicant rebellion.

Set between the events of the original 1982 Blade Runner and the 2017 sequel, Blade Runner 2049, Blade Runner - The Roleplaying Game sees players becoming members of a specialised task force who must hunt down rogue replicants, or androids, and eliminate them. Taking place in an alternate Los Angeles in 2037, the Blade Runner RPG has players navigating the messy moral labyrinth of pursuing and murdering sentient beings who were doomed from the moment they were created.

Fiery Angels is a new case file designed to be played with the tabletop roleplaying game, offering a standalone one-shot – meaning that it can be played as a single story – that’s connected to the case file released alongside the Blade Runner RPG, Electric Dreams, through the exploration of similar themes.

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Featuring a pre-built storyline for game masters to run and players to experience, Fiery Angels sees the group questioning a suspect who was arrested whilst attempting to infiltrate the memory vaults owned by the Wallace Corporation, the replicant-creation company that prominently features in Blade Runner 2049. As the players follow the investigation further, they’ll be confronted with acts that push the boundaries of what replicant technology can do, with players contending with a variety of challenges intended to push their physical, mental and moral beings to the brink.

As well as Fiery Angels, the Blade Runner RPG is seeing the release of a new sourcebook called Replicant Rebellion. The upcoming RPG sourcebook enables players to interact with and get involved in the underground movement that seeks to win freedom for androids. As part of an independent cell organised under the watchful eye of leader Freysa Sadeghpour, players will be able to undertake a series of missions intended to further replicant freedoms.

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On top of the missions, players and the GM will get an overview of the history of the replicant underground, how to include it within their own narratives, how to run an entire campaign focused around the replicant rebellion and a collection of new character archetypes players can use.

Both the Fiery Angels case study and the Replicant Rebellion books are set to be published by Free League Publishing, the studio responsible for releasing the Blade Runner RPG as well as several other TRPG titles that adapt existing franchises such as the Alien RPG and The One Ring, a tabletop RPG inspired by The Lord of the Rings books by JRR Tolkien.

Whilst Fiery Angels is set to be published in Q4 2023 for $35 (£27), the Replicant Rebellion sourcebook will be released sometime in 2024 for $50 (£39).

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