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Win a Blade Runner RPG bundle including the core rulebook and starter set!

Dishing out a Deckard.

You could win a copy of the official Blade Runner Roleplaying Game fresh off the press!

Dicebreaker is running a competition in collaboration with Free League Publishing – the studio behind the tabletop roleplaying game and winner of the Publisher of the Year 2022 Tabletop Award – to give readers a chance to win a Blade Runner RPG bundle. Featured within the bundle is a copy of the brand-new core rulebook for the TRPG, alongside a boxed starter set, which contains a complete adventure, and a Blade Runner RPG-themed game master’s screen.

Taking place in an alternate history version of 2037, Blade Runner: The Roleplaying Game sees players becoming Blade Runners: a division of law-enforcement specifically tasked with finding and eliminating rogue androids, or Replicants. Set in the same world as the original 1982 sci-fi film and its sequel Blade Runner 2049, the TRPG has players exploring the city of Los Angeles on the hunt for Replicants who have broken away from their accepted place in society and must be terminated.

An image of the stuff in Blade Runner: The Roleplaying Game.

Players will hunt for whatever clues their game master has left for them, using their investigative skills to follow the right trails for every case. Solving cases will grant players promotion points that they can use to advance their character’s career and abilities, whilst gaining three or more promotion points in a single case will gain them a distinction from the LA police chief himself. However, not all player characters might be comfortable with hunting and killing androids, with players having the option to control a Replicant within the force: who may or may not be recognised as an android. As the group progresses through their adventure or campaign, they may find themselves questioning their decisions.

Should a player choice to create and control a known Replicant, they will be forced to take a Baseline Test – like those featured in both the original Blade Runner and its sequel – to determine whether they can still be trusted to follow their orders or if they have gone rogue. The sci-fi RPG will challenge players to walk a line between their own survival and their morals, with dream sequences giving them the opportunity to explore what matters to them in greater depth.

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The Blade Runner RPG Core Rulebook will provide GMs and players with all the information they need to run games, create characters and play the TTRPG. With the Starter Set, players will have access to a set of four pre-generated characters to use, as well as a condensed version of the rulebook, a map of 2037 LA, a deck of cards and a set of polyhedral dice. On top of this, the Blade Runner RPG set will contain a themed GM screen for the games master to hide all their dramatic plans behind.

As well as the Blade Runner RPG set, readers can also get their hands on one of three digital copies of Blade Runner: The Roleplaying Game for them to download.

To have a chance at winning either the Blade Runner RPG set or a copy of the digital version, simply enter into the competition below before December 19th!

Blade Runner TRPG competition

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