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It’s grannies versus Cthulhu as we play Brindlewood Bay RPG with Jason Cordova

Wheels, Meehan and Maddie become pensioners and solve crimes

Do you love supernatural mysteries? Do you love cosy murder shows? Do you love Werther’s Originals? Well, there’s a TTRPG for you! In Brindlewood Bay you play as eldery women who are part of a local Murder Mavens mystery book club. With the skills they’ve gathered from the heroine of their favourite book series, Amanda Delacourt, they turn their hands to some real life mysteries too.

The game’s inspired by shows such as Murder, She Wrote, and H.P Lovecraft’s stories, so it’s a brilliant mix of cosy fun with an underlying darkness. Plus, who doesn’t want to play a game where you fill in ‘likes collecting buttons’ on a character sheet.

The game itself has been out for a while but an updated version of the rule book is being funded on Kickstarter, along with a hardcover version of both the rules and the Nephews In Peril supplement that has some really fun mysteries to play. There’s even a cookbook coming that has a solo mystery written in the margins. So you can sit down for some spooky wholesome fun alone, even if no one else is ready to be a granny just yet.

Meehan, Wheels and Maddie were lucky enough to be taken through a game of Brindlewood Bay by designer Jason Cordova. Playing as Birdie, Muriel and Evelyn, they have their bookclub interrupted by the news of a murder and head straight to solve it. Their journey will take them from the freezers of a fish market to examine a body and out into the deep blue to confront the culprits. There might even be something lurking in the water.

You can check out the full game over on the Dicebreaker YouTube channel where they have a lot of fun embodying old ladies that ride scooters and collect pigeons. There’s also a ton of other TTRPG actual plays, tips for running your own games, and great board game recommendations.

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